mobile first why this approach should be an integral part of your business

The use of the smartphone has certainly revolutionized the way we look at a lot of things these days. Undoubtedly, its impact on the use of the web/applications is very large too. Smartphones offer top-notch internet connectivity these days, so more and more people are moving away from a web approach to a mobile approach. Likewise, most businesses have also given into this trend and have chosen mobile as their first preference. However, if any business has not adopted this approach as yet, the article shall discuss several reasons why a ‘mobile first’ approach will suit for businesses in today’s landscape.

So here are some among many reasons why every business needs to make it to the small screen.

Smartphone Adoption is Growing each Day

Going mobile with your business is very important since the adoption rate for smartphones is rapidly increasing. In fact, 70% of the world’s mobile phone users are expected to own a smartphone by 2020. Besides this, 90% of the world’s population already does own a mobile phone. This is enough evidence to suggest as to why businesses should look towards a mobile first approach.

Also, if you already have a business that operates internationally or planning to do so in the near future, a mobile strategy should be your choice for a fruitful way to add to your customer base.

A strong mobile presence will be the factor that catapults your businesses into a successful one in the future. So, investing resources into a mobile approach will pay well on a global scale in the near future.

Customers use Smartphones to Perform Everything

There was a time when the basic purpose of the mobile phone was to make/receive calls and text. However, with internet accessibility from the cell phone and the use of touchscreen, almost all people prefer to do a wide range of daily chores using their phones. From banking, to sharing

music/videos, reading blogs or texting, almost every activity has a bunch of applications dedicated to it.

Hence, the creation of a mobile app should surely help you in many ways than one. Firstly, it helps customers engage with your business all the time, receive offers from you, and then buy products on the go as per convenience. For your business, it gets more visibility, better customer engagement and helps in the generation of more revenue.

For your business, it gets more visibility, better customer engagement and helps in the generation of more revenue.

Brings you Closer to your Customers and Vice-versa

Since you are in your customer’s pocket every day, you have a better relationship with your customers. With the help of push notifications and text updates, you can get better brand exposure without even having to spend too much on different marketing channels such as full-page newspaper ads, TV advertisements, billboards or banners. In fact, you can also make use of call-to-actions in your notifications in order to boost sales.

Mobile is increasingly the main Channel for Marketing

Due to the fact that mobile apps allow businesses to constantly engage the customer, marketing is increasing going mobile. Another major advantage is that with mobile you can have call-to-actions in the push notifications, social media ads, and text messages, which thus increases the chance of an immediate sale. However, this is not possible with traditional channels such as newspaper, TV or radio ads. Also, you end up reaching out to the customers again and again by offering new products, services or offers from time to time. This increases the chance of turning them into repeat customers.

Mobile is also a growing area and certainly plays a very important role in the marketing strategy of any business. In fact, if mobile isn’t sharing a sizeable portion of the budget you allocate for marketing, you are most likely missing out on increasing your brand visibility, engaging and building a customer base and also on sales.

Google prefers Mobile

Around a year ago, Google, the world’s largest and the most visited search engine shifted to a mobile-first approach. Since, search engine optimization is a very important component of digital

marketing, following Google’s principles in this regard bodes well for businesses that wish to rank themselves higher in search engine results.

Google clearly stated that those businesses that had their websites configured to mobile displays would rank higher in search results than those that did not. Thus, this surely spells out the fact that a mobile first strategy is a going to be a bonus for businesses.

Location-based technology plays a big part

Many location-based technologies and products have been introduced in the market, which commands the use of mobile apps for better functioning. Smart watches, payment portals, transportation services and many similar services definitely require a mobile first approach.

Rising BYOD culture

With several workplaces going the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) way, mobile devices are surely going to be the most important component in the upcoming years. Enterprise mobile strategies are already taking shape in several businesses and are only going to play a bigger role in the future.

Analytics can help

With the help of mobile analytics, you can collect more consumer-centric data that allows you to plan and strategize policies. Thus, you end up building a better brand and tailor products and services to suit customers.

Can’t simply afford not to adopt mobile

Mobile apps and marketing will simply not fade. In fact, if statistics and trends are to go by, they

are and will be a large part of the future. If a business chooses to not adopt a mobile-first approach, it would surely mean the end of it in about 5-10 years’ time.

Mobile marketing is already such an important driver of sales for several businesses. The most important factor is the direct link to the consumer at any point of time and this further builds invaluable relationships with them. You can also choose to leverage several social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) to engage with your customer base.

There certainly are several ways by which you can keep your customers glued to your business offerings and that can certainly be done by mobile. Whether it is your social media presence, a user friendly fluid app or mobile marketing, adopting mobile as the pathway to the future will surely benefit your business greatly.

Updated on: 01-Jun-2022


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