Microsoft Flow - Conclusion


While we made an attempt to get into various different areas of Microsoft Flow and also considered the mobile app, this is just the beginning!

The next steps include: Button Flow and Scheduled Flows.

Using Microsoft Flow, many of the power users have started automating their work. This may include triggering a particular email/content from the button flow configured on Mobile app or even scheduling a flow to send a periodic email with updated data.

You can also try these flow by setting the trigger according to a schedule as we have seen in Chapter 3.

For example, let us send a Hello World email on each Monday. To do so, click Create from the left panel and select Scheduled Flow.

Select Scheduled Flow

As shown below, configure the Scheduled Flow as below.

Configure Scheduled Flow

Under the starting date, you may configure the date as you like. Click Create once you have configured the flow.

As a result, a flow with Recurrence as the first step will be created.


Click New Step and enter Gmail under the search bar for connectors and triggers. It will look as follows −

Connectors and Triggers

Select Send email as the action. As a result, below screen will be shown. Enter your respective details to receive an email with subject Hello World and body content as shown below.

Body Content

Click Save to complete your Scheduled flow.

As a result, every Monday, you will receive an email to the specified email address accordingly.


With advanced technologies taking over our day to day life, it is more than useful to have your repetitive tasks automated. Especially with tools such as Microsoft Flow, you get the flexibility of connecting multiple applications in order to complete a given task with or without your attention.

This tutorial provided a glimpse of possibilities with Microsoft Flow, provided used in a planned manner, Microsoft Flow is bound to cut the time in half for some periodic tasks. If you have an organization-wide task, involving approvals from different team members, the Premium account for Microsoft Flow can be put to great use!

Happy Automating!