Max WBLT Operations in Data Structure

Here we will see what are the different Max-WBLT operations. The HBLT has different operations like insert, delete, and initializations. They are quite similar to the WBLT also. However, the meld operation can be done in a single top-to-bottom pass.

A single pass meld operation is possible for WBLT. Because we can find the w values, on the way down. We can update the w values and swap subtrees as necessary. For HBLT, we cannot find the s values on the way down to the tree.

As the meld can be done in a single top-to-bottom pass, then the insert and delete also can be performed efficiently. So insert and deletes are faster, by a constant factor. Here we cannot delete element in an arbitrarily located node K in O(log n) time. The reason behind it that, the node K may have O(n) ancestors, whose w value will be updated. So this is not good for mergeable double ended priority queue applications.