Column IColumn II(a) Salivary gland(i) Bile juice secretion(b) Stomach(ii) Storage of undigested food(c) Liver(iii) Saliva secretion(d) Rectum(iv) Acid release(e) Small intestine(v) Digestion is completed(f) Large intestine(vi) Absorption of water(vii) Release of faeces"">

Match the items of Column I with suitable items in Column II
Column IColumn II
(a) Salivary gland(i) Bile juice secretion
(b) Stomach(ii) Storage of undigested food
(c) Liver(iii) Saliva secretion
(d) Rectum(iv) Acid release
(e) Small intestine(v) Digestion is completed
(f) Large intestine(vi) Absorption of water
(vii) Release of faeces

Correct Answer:

Column I
Column II
(a) Salivary gland
(iii) Saliva secretion
(b) Stomach
(iv) Acid release
(c) Liver
(i) Bile juice secretion
(d) Rectum
(vii) Release of feces 
(e) Small intestine
(v) Digestion is completed
(f) Large intestine
(vi) Absorption of water


When food is eaten, digestion begins (oral cavity). Teeth grind food through physical digestion.

Saliva's amylase converts maltose sugar into chemical digestion.

Chewable food travels down the esophagus after swallowing. The esophagus connects the mouth to the stomach.

The chewed food from the mouth is subsequently digested mechanically and chemically in the stomach. Stomach muscles churn the bolus to mix it with digestive enzymes and HCl. The bolus becomes chyme.

Stomach digestion takes hours. Pepsin breaks down most dietary proteins during this process. The small intestine is where most chemical digestion occurs.

The gallbladder stores bile juice from the liver. Gallbladder bile helps digest fats.

Pancreatic and intestinal enzymes join chyme.

Small intestine absorption dominates. When the chyme leaves the small intestine, only water and indigestible particles remain.

The chyme next enters the large intestine, where microorganisms decompose indigestible elements to produce essential chemicals (such as vitamin K). Concentrated waste is termed feces and is evacuated through the anus.


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