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Let us see who the major contributors to MySQL are −

Although Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates own all copyrights in the MySQL server and the MySQL manual, we wish to recognize those who have made contributions of one kind or another to the MySQL distribution. Contributors are listed here, in somewhat random order −

  • Gianmassimo Vigazzola − They helped with the initial port to Win32/NT.

  • Per Eric Olsson − They provided for constructive criticism and real testing of the dynamic record format.

  • Irena Pancirov − Helped with the Win32 port with Borland compiler. They also helped with the mysqlshutdown.exe and mysqlwatch.exe.

  • David J. Hughes − They helped develop a shareware SQL database.

  • Patrick Lynch − They helped in acquiring

  • Fred Lindberg − They helped set up qmail to handle the MySQL mailing list and to manage the MySQL mailing lists.

  • Igor Romanenko − They helped with mysqldump (which was previously known as msqldump, but was ported and enhanced by Monty).

  • Yuri Dario − They helped in keeping up and extending the MySQL OS/2 port.

  • Zarko Mocnik − They helped with the sorting for Slovenian language.

  • "TAMITO" − They helped with the _MB character set macros and the ujis and sjis character sets.

  • Joshua Chamas − They helped create the base for concurrent insert, extended date syntax, debugging on NT, and answering on the MySQL mailing list.

  • Yves Carlier − They helped with mysqlaccess, a program that shows the access rights for a user.

  • James Cooper − They helped with the setting up a searchable mailing list archive at their site.

  • Rick Mehalick − They helped with the xmysql, which is a graphical X client for MySQL Server.

  • Doug Sisk − They helped provide RPM packages of MySQL for Red Hat Linux.

  • Alexis Mikhailov − They have helped with the user−defined functions (UDFs); CREATE FUNCTION and DROP FUNCTION.

  • Andreas F. Bobak The AGGREGATE extension to user−defined functions.

  • James Pereria Mysqlmanager, a Win32 GUI tool for administering MySQL Servers.

  • Martin Ramsch Examples in the MySQL Tutorial.

  • Steve Harvey − They helped in making mysqlaccess more secure.

  • Konark IA−64 Centre of Persistent Systems Private Limited− Help with the Win64 port of the MySQL server.

  • Google Inc. − They have contributed to the MySQL distribution: Mark Callaghan's SMP Performance patches and other patches.

  • Other contributors, bugfinders, and testers: James H. Thompson, Maurizio Menghini, Wojciech Tryc, Luca Berra, Zarko Mocnik, Wim Bonis, Elmar Haneke, Ted Deppner, Mike Simons, Jaakko Hyvatti.

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