Major Supporters of MySQL

Let us see who the major supports of MySQL are −

Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates own all copyrights of the MySQL server and the MySQL manual. There are many people, organizations, students, and others who have helped in the development, maintenance, and improvement of MySQL. Many companies have helped in the development of the MySQL server. This includes paying for developing a new feature or providing hardware for development of the MySQL server. They have been listed below −

VA Linux /

They helped with the funding of the replication


They helped with the editing of the MySQL manual.

Stork Design studio

It was the MySQL website that was in use between1998-2000.


They contributed to the development on Windows and Linux platforms.


They contributed to the development on Linux/Alpha.


They helped in the development on the embedded mysqld version.


The ‘−−skip−show−database’ option was developed with their help.