Major Packages that support MySQL

Let us see the major packages that support MySQL −

This article lists the creators and maintainers of some of the most important API/packages/applications that is used by a lot of people along with the usage of MySQL. The major packages that support MySQL by lending their support, along with their contributions have been listed below −

  • Tim Bunce, Alligator Descartes: They helped with the DBD (Perl) interface.

  • Andreas Koenig: They helped with the Perl interface for MySQL Server.

  • Jochen Wiedmann: They helped in maintaining the Perl DBD::mysql module.

  • Eugene Chan: They helped in porting PHP for MySQL Server.

  • Georg Richter: They helped in the testing and bug hunting for MySQL 4.1. They also helped with the new PHP 5.0 mysqli extension (API) for use with MySQL 4.1 and up.

  • Giovanni Maruzzelli: They helped in the porting of iODBC (Unix ODBC).

  • Xavier Leroy: They are the author of LinuxThreads (used by the MySQL Server on Linux).

Updated on: 08-Mar-2021


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