Living cells were discovered by
(a) Robert Hooke
(b) Purkinje
(c) Leeuwenhoek
(d) Robert Brown.

Correct Answer: (a) Robert Hooke


Robert Hooke is an English scientist, who designed an instrument known as a microscope to observe various tiny fleas, lice plants, and snowflakes.

While observing the slices of plant cork under the new instrument, he found several empty compartments or box-like structures arranged in a honeycomb pattern.
He referred to each of these small rooms or compartments as a “Cell” (Cella in Latin means Small rooms). Hooke published these observations in his scientific book “Micrographia” in the year 1665.

Robert Hooke was the first scientist to observe a cell under a microscope. 

Updated on: 05-Jan-2023


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