Limitations of C programming language

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What are the limitations of C Programming when compared to other programming languages?


  • C Language prevents or prohibits the concepts of object-oriented programming language like inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, and data abstraction.

  • C programming language does not detect errors for every line of coding, it will check the bugs after the complete coding is done.

  • It does not exhibit namespace property.

  • C programming has an insufficient level for data abstraction, i.e., does not have very large data handling capacity.

  • C Language does not allow the user to detect the errors with the help of exception handling features.

  • The constructor and destructors concept is not supported by the C language.

  • It does not support completely solving real-world problems.

  • It is less secure when compared to other programming languages.

Basic structure

Following is the general structure of a ‘C’ program −

/* documentation section */
preprocessor directives
global declaration
main ( ){
   local declaration
   executable statements
return type function name (argument list){
   local declaration
   executable statements


/* Author : Tutorialspoint
Aim : Program for finding circumference of circle*/
#define PI 3.1415
main ( ){
   float c, r;
   clrscr ( );
   printf ("enter radius of circle");
   scanf ("%f", &r);
   c = 2 * PI * r;
   printf ("Circumference = %f", c);
   getch ( );


Enter radius of circle r=4
Circumference of circle c=25.132000
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