LESS - Frameworks

UI/Theme Frameworks and Components

LESS supports some of the UI/Theme frameworks as listed in the following table −

Sr.No. Framework & Description
1 1pxdeep

It is flat Bootstrap 3 theme that provides powerful color scheme controls.

2 Bootflat

It is an open-source framework based on Bootstrap.

3 BootPress

It is a PHP framework based on flat file CMS

4 Bootstrap

It is powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

5 Bootstrap a11y theme

It provides easy accessibility for web development.

6 Bootswatch

It is an open-source theme that provides free themes for Bootstrap.

7 Cardinal

It is mobile-first CSS framework that allows maintaining CSS for responsive websites, user interfaces, and applications.

8 CSSHorus

It is a library that provides easy development of mobile websites.

9 Flat UI Free

It is based on Bootstrap 3 which contains basic and complex components and provides theme design for Bootstrap.

10 frontsize

It is a frontend framework that contains a set of tools to build widgets.



It specifies the description of the image using CSS3 and SASS/LESS.

12 Ink

It creates responsive web interfaces.


It is powerful theme framework used for creating child themes for WordPress and used as standalone website builder.


It is used to develop HTML/CSS projects by using responsive and extensible style sheets.

15 Kube

It is CSS framework used for professional designers and developers.

16 Metro UI CSS

It is a frontend framework used for creating Windows Metro Style on the projects.

17 Pre

It is CSS framework that uses LESS.

18 prelude

It is frontend CSS framework that uses LESS.

19 Schema

It is a light and responsive framework which helps to build complex websites.

20 Semantic UI

It is a user interface framework that creates responsive layouts using HTML.

21 UIkit

It is a frontend framework which includes HTML, CSS, and JS components and easy to use and develop web applications.



It is grunt based build system used for AngularJS projects.

23 less-rail

It is a dynamic stylesheet language that uses Less.js for Rails projects.

24 Wee

It is a frontend framework which contains HTML, CSS and JavaScript bootstrap components for developing responsive web projects.

Grid Systems

LESS supports grid systems frameworks as listed in the following table −

Sr.No. Framework & Description
1 Flexible Grid System

It is a CSS framework which creates web projects in a flexible way.

2 adaptGrid

It is a responsive grid system for developing web applications.

3 Fluidable

It is lightweight responsive grid system based on LESS preprocessor.

4 Golden Grid System

It is grid system for responsive design.

5 LESS Zen Grid

It is used for solving sub pixel rounding issue.

6 Order.less

It is a LESS library used for alignment, grid system and modular scales.

7 responsibly

It is a customizable and standalone grid system.

8 Responsive Boilerplate

It is a lightweight grid system used to create responsive web design for the sites.

9 Semantic.gs

It is the default distribution of web browser to its operating system.

Mixin Libraries

LESS provides mixin libraries as listed in the following table −

Sr.No. Framework & Description
1 3L

It provides newest CSS3 features for LESS preprocessor.

2 animate

It is a library used for browser animations used in the projects.

3 Clearless

It uses reusable LESS mixins without destroying the style and creating excessive size in stylesheets.

4 Css3LessPlease

It converts css3please.com to LESS mixins and element will get instant changes when you run the CSS.

5 CssEffects

It provides CSS style effects written as LESS mixins.

6 Cssowl

It is a mixin library which supports for LESS, SASS and Stylus.

7 cube.less

It is a 3D animated cube created using only CSS.

8 tRRtoolbelt.less

It is a library which provides mixins and functions for performing actions on LESS files.

9 est

It is based on LESS which allows to write LESS code more efficiently.

10 Hexagon

It creates CSS hexagons with size and color.

11 homeless

It is a mixin library that contains helpful functions for the Less.js.


LESS Elements

It is a collection of mixins for the LESS preprocessor.

13 LESS Hat

It is a mixin library which helps in exporting CSS for all browsers and creates number of shadows, gradients and animations etc.

14 lessley

It is testing suite which is written in LESS.

15 LESS-bidi

It is a collection of LESS mixins which provides bi-directional styling without duplication of code.



It is a mixin library written in LESS.

17 media-query-to-type

It is used for creating media queries which allows Internet Explorer 8 and below versions to access the content.

18 More-Colors.less

It provides variables for color manipulation while designing web applications.

19 more-less

It is a library which allows to write CSS code for cross browser compatibility.

20 More.less

It is a combination of Compass and Twitter Bootstrap which provides more to LESS by using CSS3 and cross browser mixins.

21 more-or-less

It provides powerful mixins for less.js.

22 normalize.less

It provides normalized CSS using LESS.

23 Oban

It is a collection of mixins which speeds up the development process of the web application.

24 Preboot

It is a set of LESS services that uses mixins and variables for writing better CSS and is formed from the Bootstrap.

25 prelude-mixins

It is a LESS mixin library.

26 Shape.LESS

It provides a number of mixins for specifying various shapes for the application.