LESS - Browser support


LESS is cross-browser friendly. It supports modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer and allows reusing CSS elements and write LESS code with the same semantics. You must be careful about the performance implications while using LESS on the client side and while displaying the JavaScript to avoid any cosmetic issues such as

  • Spelling mistakes,
  • Color changes,
  • Texture
  • Look
  • Links, etc.

Compile the LESS files on the server side to improve the performance levels of the website.

PhantomJS does not implement Function.prototype.bind function, so you need to use es5 shim JavaScript engine to run under PhantomJS. Users can make adjustments with variables to affect the theme and show them in real time by using the client side LESS in the production.

If you want to run LESS in older browsers, then use the es-5 shim JavaScript engine which adds JavaScript features that LESS supports. You can use attributes on the script or link tags by using JSON.parse which must be supported by the browser.