JavaScript vs. PHP: Which is Easier?

In this tutorial, let us compare Javascript and PHP to find which is easy.

PHP is an object-oriented server coding language that came up in 1994. PHP is secure, synchronous, and scalable. PHP develops dynamic webpages.

Javascript is also an object-oriented client-side programming language released in 1995. Humans can read Javascript source code. Javascript is asynchronous, develops user-friendly websites, and never gives any server load.

Let us analyze JavaScript and PHP to find the easy one by comparing some particular aspects.

Factors of Comparison






GitHub Rank

8th rank

1st rank




Case sensitivity in functions

Case insensitive in functions

Case sensitive in functions

Object array interchange

Can not interchange objects and arrays

Interchangeable objects and arrays


Fewer features

More features

Use in server

Wide use in server end

Less use on the server end

Single or multi-threaded




More libraries

Fewer libraries


C knowledge makes PHP easier. Easy than Javascript

Might be difficult

Compiled or interpreted

Interpreted and lightweight

Interpreted and lightweight

Work area

Works in server only

Runs in client and server

Support elements

Works with HTML only

Works with HTML, AJAX, XML

Database access

Database access is easy

Database access is difficult

Develop everything

PHP requires specific applications to develop particular stuff

Javascript can create everything on its own


Slower than Javascript

Faster than PHP

Code reusability

Reusable code

Reusable code

Learning resources

Less online resources for learning

More online resources for learning

Code security

Highly secured code

Less code security


Performs less

Performs better


Internal development only

Full stack development

Server update

File update to the server is possible

File update to the server is not possible







Exception handling



Best for

eCommerce applications using CMS such as WordPress

Dynamic Single-Page Applications

Memory management



What Makes PHP Easier?

Let us summarize the table. We shall discuss plus aspects of PHP first.

PHP use is enormous on the server end. Multi-thread feature makes parallel processing possible, and more libraries are available in PHP. It is easy to learn PHP compared to Javascript. Those who know C language can smoothly grasp PHP. Accessing a database becomes easy with PHP. Code security is outstanding. File update to the server is possible with PHP. The e-commerce website development becomes smooth with PHP.

What Makes Javascript Easier?

Let us discuss the positive sides of Javascript now.

Javascript has the first rank in the GitHub community. Case-sensitive Javascript functions let you avoid confusion. Interchangeable objects and arrays are convenient for coding. As Javascript has more features, coding becomes easier. Learning Javascript can let you work with clients and servers. Combination with HTML, XML, and AJAX makes it versatile.

Developers need not depend on any applications to develop anything because Javascript can generate everything. Javascript runs faster than PHP and makes it easy for a programmer. Because more learning materials are available, learning Javascript is not hard.

What Makes Both PHP and Javascript Easier?

We will discuss the similarity between both PHP and Javascript now.

Language flexibility, customizable code, lightweight nature, reusable code, frameworks, exception handling, platform independence, and memory management make it easy for programmers.

What Makes PHP Difficult?

Let us understand the negatives of PHP.

GitHub rank is low for PHP. The case-insensitive nature of functions can create confusion. As PHP can not interchange objects and arrays, it becomes inconvenient. PHP has only tiny features, and it works on the server only.

There is no support for XML and AJAX in PHP. PHP requires specific applications to develop precise stuff. It is lagging behind Javascript. PHP has fewer online resources for learning, and performance is not up to that level. Only internal application development is possible with PHP.

What Makes Javascript Difficult?

Let us understand the negatives of Javascript.

Less use on the server end, single-threaded nature, fewer libraries, learning complications, difficulty accessing the database, less code security, and impossible file update to the server make Javascript difficult.


This tutorial gave us a quick comparison of PHP and Javascript to decide which is easy. There is no specific answer to this question. It depends on the work history of a programmer to determine which programming language is easy.

For instance, if the developer has prior experience in C, PHP becomes easy for them. Speaking from the comparison points, PHP is more effortless than Javascript.