Online Education

Online Training

Online Training is a form of distance learning in which educational information is delivered through internet. There are many online applications. These applications vary from simple downloadable content to structured programs.


Online Training has prooved to be very effective in corporate world. The benefits of Online Training are described below:

  • It is cost effective and saves time.

  • It is available 24/7 anywhere.

  • It is easy to track progress of the course.

  • It offers user-friendly and interactive interface.

Online certification

It is also possible to do online certification on specialized courses which add value to your qualification. Many companies offer online certification on a number of technologies.

There are three types of online certification as listed below:

  • Corporate

  • Product-specific

  • Profession-wide

Corporate certifications are made by small organizations for internal purposes.

Product-specific certifications target at developing and recognizing adeptness with regard to particular product.

Profession wide certification aims at recognizing expertise in particular profession.

Online Seminar

Online seminar is the one which is conducted over the internet. It is a live seminar and allows the attendees to ask questions via Q&A panel onscreen.

Online seminar just requires a computer with internet connection, headphones, speakers, and authorization to attend it.


Online Seminar has prooved to be very effective in corporate and Academic world. The benefits of Online Seminar are described below:

  • Online seminars are short, sharp and to the point.

  • They always tend to deal with a specific subject in detail.

  • Since the user participates online therefore manuals are provided via. Pdf.

  • Online seminars are cost effective and convenient.


Webinar is a web based seminar or workshop in which presentation is delivered over the web using conferencing software. The audio part of webinar is delivered through teleconferencing.


Online conferencing is also a kind of online seminar in which two or more people are involved. It is also performed over the internet. It allows the business persons to do meeting online.


Online Webinar has prooved to be very effective in corporate and Academic world. The benefits of Online Webinar are described below:

  • It is cheaper and convenient.

  • It can be accessed 24/7 anywhere.

  • It allows high level of participation.

  • There is permanent record of proceedings.

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