E-mail Etiquettes


The term etiquette refers to conventional rules of personal behavior. But while communicating via email, we cannot know about the body language and tone of voice etc. Therefore a set of guidelines for acceptable behavior on email that have been evolved is known as Email Netiquette.

Here are set of guidelines that should be followed while working with email:

  • Try to make your message as short as possible. It will make your message easy to read and understood.

  • Be careful about spelling and grammar while typing a message.

  • Use emoticons, smiles when required.

  • Email address entered must be correct.

  • The subject heading of a message should be clear and descriptive.

  • Follow the same rules as if you are writing a letter or a memo.

  • Sending a message that has already been forwarded or replied many times may contain many angled brackets. It is better to remove the angled brackets from the message.

  • While sending mails to multiple persons, specify their email addresses in the BCC: field so that the spammers cannot come to know about addresses of other recipients to whom you have sent a copy.

  • Keep size of attachment as small as possible.

  • Always add your signature at the end of email.

  • Before you send, make it sure everything is fine because you cannot call back a sent mail.

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