Implement your own itoa() in C

In this section we will see how to convert an integer number to a string.

The logic is very simple. Here we will use the sprintf() function. This function is used to print some value or line into a string, but not in the console. This is the only difference between printf() and sprintf(). Here the first argument is the string buffer. where we want to save our data.

Input: User will put some numeric value say 42

Output: This program will return the string equivalent result of that number like “42”


Step 1: Take a number as argument
Step 2: Create an empty string buffer to store result
Step 3: Use sprintf() to convert number to string
Step 4: End

Example Code

 Live Demo

char* my_itoa(int number) {
   char str[20]; //create an empty string to store number
   sprintf(str, "%d", number); //make the number into string using sprintf function
   return str;
main() {
   int number;
   printf("Enter a number: ");
   scanf("%d", &number);
   printf("You have entered: %s", my_itoa(number));


Enter a number: 56
You have entered: 56