Identify the part which vibrates to produce sound in the following instruments.
$(a)$. Dholak $(b)$. Sitar $(c)$. Flute


The following instruments are given:

$(a)$. Dholak $(b)$. Sitar $(c)$. Flute

To do:

To identify the part which vibrates to produce sound in the given instruments.


$(a)$. Dholak:

Dholak is a musical instrument having a head in the form of a stretched membrane. When the head is banged, the stretched membrane changes to vibrate, and sound is produced.

Thus, the stretched membrane vibrates to produce sound in the dholak.

$(b)$. Sitar:

Sitar is a musical instrument with stringed strings. When a string is plucked it is set to vibrate. Stretched strings of the sitar vibrate and the sound of the sitar is produced.

 $(c)$. Flute:

When air is passed through the flute, the sound is produced in the flute. This creates vibrations in the air molecules of the flute, and thus produces sound. Air columns in a flute vibrate when the sound of a flute is produced.


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