HTML Editors

HTML Editors are tools to write and run (in some cases) an HTML document. There are several professional HTML Editors available to the user (paid and unpaid both).

Certain add-on features are provided in different HTML Editors other than Notepad, such as themes, terminal support, etc.

Following are some of the commonly used HTML Editors −


One of the most basic free HTML Editors.


Notepad++ is also a free text editor. Written in C++ and supports features like,syntax highlighting, limited autocompletion for programming, scripting, etc.


It is a cross-platform source code editor. Written in C++ and Python. The features include quick navigation to files, symbols, or lines. Allows you to simultaneously edit multiple selected area.

VS Code

VS Code is also a source-code editor developed by Microsoft. It supports Windows, Linux and macOS. The features include debugging support, syntax highlighting,code refactoring, intelligent code completion, etc.