How would be the marriages in future?

The belief over marriage is diminishing slowly among the youth, which is leading to lowering the interest in marriage. Slowly, the Indian traditions are demolishing from our society and hence, even marriage rituals are becoming minimal.

Looking at the present trend of aversion in the youth to follow the traditions and customs, we can predict how would be the marriages in future.

  • Nowadays, rather than marriage, a couple prefers to be a live-in relationship to analyze and judge their relationship and bonding. If they feel it works, they go for marriage or else the relationship would end soon. This has already become a trend in metro cities.

  • Marriage is one reason for the entire family to gather in one place and have fun. People look forward to spend quality time with the entire family in one place. But this is becoming a rare sight nowadays because people are so engrossed in their own careers and activities and do not mind to give a miss to the weddings of near and dear. Many kids are going abroad for studies and settlement and hence it has become a rare sight to see all the families in one place at a time.

  • While the rich communities make so much hype and spend a lot of money on marriage by making each and every function very grand and happening, the middle and lower class people are preferring simple weddings. In these both cases, the essence of the marriage and having fun together with the entire family is missing.

People are slowly tilting towards court marriages not to waste money and in the future, we can also see virtual marriages and people will see the marriage on the Internet without wasting their time.