How to make your child mentally strong?

Being a Parent, I understood that a child always learns from what you do, not from what you say. They observe and then follow your actions. So, it is better to make them learn from the way they are. But for this, a parent should always be strong. Hence I feel that being a parent, if you cannot handle anything and not being mentally strong to tolerate some disturbances in your life, you can hardly expect your child to manage the same skillfully.

The Incident Melted Our Hearts

Three years ago, when my little daughter observed that we were facing some financial problems, she stopped even asking for chocolates, which melted our hearts. Though we are fine now, she cares about the price before asking us for anything. You may say that we are hurting her, but I feel that we are making her understand the value of the hard-earned money.

Thorns of Reality Should Be Shown through the Rainbow

Facing constant failures and rejections but never giving up is a great character and it teaches how you should be strong enough to achieve things. This should be cultivated since childhood. This is why I think, that the children should never be kept away from reality. But of course, the art of parenting lies in making them face some hard facts of the real world according to their age, but not as a sudden harsh blow.

Set Them Free

Let your children play in groups and mingle with all the economic and cultural classes of people. This is really important to make them understand and respect the differences we have, yet being united.

Loosing Is Also Winning

Allow them to lose. Please make them understand that failure always leaves a lesson for us to learn. Playing sports would help a lot in developing sporting spirit along with the physical fitness. The urge to win after a few poor attempts makes them realize the value of hard work.

Don’t worry !! Struggle always makes us strong.