How to Write an Essay


An essay is considered to be a focused piece of writing and it is designed for informing a specific topic. There are various essaying types but four main types are important here such as argumentative, expository, narrative, and descriptive essays. They have various workings as well as their way of presentation is different from each other.

Types of essay writing

There are quite a few types of essays and they have different functions and purposes. The types are

  • Argumentative essay − This essay can help in convincing the reader about their point of view.

  • Expository essay − This kind of essay is applied for looking into a problem and comparing as well as exploring it.

  • Descriptive essay − This essay describes some points in great detail and the subject can be from places to people.

  • Narrative essays − It is a detailed story and a set of characters is needed for this essay.

Format of Essay Writing

There is a rigid format of essay writing and it is called the basic structure or traditional structure and followed during the time of writing an essay −

Introduction − This paragraph is considered to be the first paragraph of the essay. In this part, the writer introduces the topic for the first time. This part describes the brief synopsis of the essay. Therefore, it is called the introductory paragraph but it is not lengthy and is about 4-6 lines.

Body − This part is considered to be the main part of the essay. It is an important part between the introduction as well as the conclusion. Therefore, it is called the most important part.

Conclusion − It is the conclusive part of the essay and it is also called a mirror of the introductory paragraph. This is a great place where a sum-up of the story is made.

Seven steps in Organising an Essay

There are seven steps that can help in writing an essay and they are

1st step − The very first step for essay writing is to choose the topic carefully. This will help the students to get proper points related to the topic. The choice of the topic is very important because it will give the writer a general understanding of the matter.

2nd step − The second stage consists of thinking of the topic for about 30 minutes. The reason for this matter is that when one starts writing without thinking about it, one can miss many important points. Therefore, thinking about the topic is the most important so that the students do not miss any point at the end of the writing.

One can utilize the time of 30 minutes on thinking about the matter before starting to write.

They can use the time by

  • Thinking about the topic

  • Writing down the important points on the sheet

  • Arrange the points.

3rd step − The third stage is to give structure to the essay. Once the student has recalled, noted, and collected the points, then they have to make the structure such as

  • An introduction

  • Background or the past examples

  • The main theory

  • Relation with the recent events

  • Disadvantages as well as advantages

  • Suggested changes important for the topic

  • The conclusion.

4th step − The most important stage is to be non-provocative about the writing. It is important to notice that during the time of writing an essay student will not have to get a person about any matter.

5th step − The next step is to remember the quotes correctly and it is an essential stage. The presentation of quotes will have to be clear and it is important to mention the name of the person who has quoted it. It is advised for the students that if they do not remember the quote correctly, then leave it.

6th step − One of the most important steps is the sixth step and here it is seen that do not deviate from the topic. One should have to remember the questions like Who?, Why?, What?, When?, Where?, and How? for a good essay.

7th step − The last step is to mention the recommended reading for the essay. The students will have to read the different topics as well as books for improving their writing.

They are as follows −

  • Editorial section of The Hindu Newspaper

  • Magazines

  • Watch discussions and debates on television

  • Work on previous question papers essay topic.

Importance of Essay Writing

Essay writing is considered to be an important part of the curriculum. They are mainly applied for accessing knowledge as well as evaluating understanding. It is a kind of skill, which is important for everyone. This writing is helpful in many aspects of life such as in schools, interviews as well as other real-life situations.


An essay is an important part of English writing and it is written in a specific way. There are various services related to essay writing and the skill can help in challenging the task. This skill of essay writing should have to be developed by everybody because it is an integral part of modern education. The way of writing helps the students organise their thoughts, improve their skills of research, as well as communicate effectively.


Q1. What is the traditional structure of essay writing?

Ans. There is a rigid format of essay writing and it is also called the traditional structure. The structure includes Introduction, Body, and Conclusion and it is an important part of the case of an essay.

Q2. What is an essay?

Ans. An essay is considered a piece of writing that is longer than a normal paragraph but it is not as long as a book. It is an excellent way for developing the intelligence of the students and it helps to demonstrate their understanding of a matter.

Updated on: 03-Jan-2023


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