How to Secure your car from Cyber Attack

We have come a long way since we, humans as a race have first used our intellect for maneuvering science and technology in our favor. It all started with the invention of wooden carts during the era of our primitive ancestors. Since the early ages, humans from all around the blue planet have been obsessed with improvising, enhancing, and enriching their modes of communication, transportation, mobility, efficiency and comfort.

Our genius ancestors started taming various domestic animals like bulls, horses, donkeys and whichever organism they found potential enough to operate their modes of transportation. And then we started wielding technology as a magic wand to invoke our dominion over the whole planet. We learnt bending and converting energy into different forms.

Pitfalls of Excessive Technology in Cars

For a vast majority of the human population, cars have evolved from ‘just another transport’ to entertainment stations, portable comfort zones, favorite sport, status symbols and what not. With the evolution of electronics, cars these days can be automated into self-running and self-governing smart cars. We have got wi-fi, bluetooth, infrared, climate control, driver-less control and a huge platter of technologies integrated into our cars.

But, like every light has darkness beneath it, our cars today are gradually becoming vulnerable to cyber-thieves, hackers and cyber criminals. These evil geniuses may unethically hack into your car and take control of it with an intention that makes them despicable.

Higher the number of connectivity options, the more vulnerable your car is. So if you are concerned about your car’s safety and security, my friends, you are in the right tavern. Below are some tips to strengthen the wall between your car and Cyber attackers.

Enhancing Cybersecurity of the Car

A car with an internet connectivity option is always vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Before buying a new car with an internet connectivity option, never forget to discuss the cyber security and the level of data encryption integrated to the firmware of your car. It is even wiser to do a little online research regarding the cyber security of your desired model and the issues associated with it.

Enhancing the Safety-related Technologies

With better software comes better efficiency in security. The software developers working for car manufacturers work their level best to enhance the security of your car. Always try to keep the software integrated to your car up to date. While most of these updates can be obtained via the internet, still, there are various important updates that would require a visit to the service station. Always stay in touch with the manufacturer’s website and the service station to get intimated about latest updates. If you find any glitch in the software, inform your manufacturer immediately as soon as possible.

Connecting Secure and Scanned Devices

Connecting unsafe devices can result in a security breach. Before connecting devices like phones, tablets, notebooks, etc. to your car’s Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth, always ensure the devices you are connecting to your car are safe and well sterilized from viruses. Incorporating an antivirus program in all your devices gives you an upper hand over malware and viruses. Cross platform antivirus programs integrating all your devices are adequately available in both offline and online marketplaces. Grab one of them if you have not already.

Cross platform antivirus programs integrating all your devices are adequately available in both offline and online marketplaces. Grab one of them if you have not already.

Enforcing a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network can close all the gateways for e-criminals. As the name suggests, a VPN in a network which is both virtual and private thus making it exclusive only for you. It is a smart choice to incorporate a VPN to connect various devices with your car via Wi-Fi. A VPN is designed for better encryption of your connectivity. It bars unauthenticated devices to get connected to your car, your devices as well as your privacy.

Ensuring Bluetooth Safety Usage

Even bluetooth can be a gateway for cyber criminals. It is advisable to turn off your car’s Bluetooth whenever it is not in use. Though internet may have been the most common medium of cyber-attacks, bluetooth is no exception. Hackers are ingenious enough to hack into your car through Bluetooth.

Better not to Disable “Manual Lock” Feature

Trust the mechanical lock. Though this sounds a little old school, but a good old mechanical lock is always trustworthy and comes in handy whenever you park your car at unknown places for longer duration of time. The remote controlled lock of your car is operated by an assigned key frequency. The lock of your car gets unlocked whenever a signal of the assigned key frequency is generated by your car key. A hacker may use specific transmitters to replicate the frequency of this signal and may unlock your car as easily as a walk on a cake.

Don’t ignore if any Feature has been Turned on or off Automatically

If you find your car moving on its own. If lose control over your car. Or if you find anything automatically turning on and off, then my friends, chances are, your car has been hacked. The first thing to do is to park your car in a safe place and immediately disconnecting the battery power supply of your car. The next step would be to contact your car’s manufacturer and report about the incident to the nearest police station about the incident.


For some it may be their first love, for some it may be a status symbol, for others it may be their own personal private space. Cars have proven to be very significant for humans. Everybody loves a car. It is our duty and our responsibility to protect the people and the objects that we love. Leave no stone un-turned when it comes to the safety and security of your car. Your car is not a free commodity. It is the reflection of the sweat and blood you invested in earning money to buy your car. It is your own personalized private space and nobody, not even God has the right to take it from you if you have earned it.

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