How to remove non-word characters in JavaScript?

Removing non-word characters

To remove non-word characters we need to use regular expressions. The logic behind removing non-word characters is that just replace the non-word characters with nothing('').


In the following example there are many non-word characters and in between them there exists a text named "Tutorix is the best e-learning platform". So using regular expressions the non-word characters were replaced with nothing('') so as to get the word characters as the output.

Live Demo

<script type="text/javascript">
   function remNonWord (string) {
      if ((string===null) || (string===''))
      return false;
      string = string.toString();
      var PATTERN = /[^\x20\x2D0-9A-Z\x5Fa-z\xC0-\xD6\xD8-\xF6\xF8-\xFF]/g;
      return string.replace(PATTERN, '');
   document.write(remNonWord('Tutorix is the ~!@^&";\'/?>#$%*()+`={}[]|\:<.,best e-learning            platform'));


Tutorix is the best e-learning platform

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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