How to Make a Bleach T-Shirt?

If you are already familiar with the process of bleaching, then bleaching a T-shirt will not be difficult for you to do. It is necessary to use a yellow chemical known as chlorine to generate a t-shirt that has been bleached. It is required to accomplish this task. Bleach is the only liquid containing the element chlorine and is the only form in which chlorine can be obtained.

This type of chlorine is great for washing clothes, but it could be better for those who intend to wear the garments after they have been washed because it can leave a chlorine residue on the skin. If you want to make your t-shirt or shirt out of towels and are interested in doing so, follow the guidelines in this article.

Step 1: Find Out What to Bleach

There are several fabrics you can bleach and other fabrics you should avoid. You first need to know if you can bleach the material or fabric type you want to make a bleached t-shirt from. Certain fibers like cotton, polyester, silk, or synthetic fabrics cannot be bleached. Other fabrics like wool, leather, fur, or other materials not designed for cleaning can be bleached.

For example, you can bleach towels to make a bleached shirt, but you cannot use bleach on leather to create a bleached shirt. Hence, you need to know what you can bleach. Almost all fabrics except those listed in "May not be bleached" above can be bleached. If you are interested, you can also bleach paper, cardboard, wood, and plastic, so long as the surface is porous.

Step 2: Mix the Chloride with the Colorant

Chlorine is a yellowish liquid that can be found in the bleach bottle. It is made up of two elements - chlorine and oxygen. It can also be two liquids mixed with a little bit of heat. To incorporate the two elements, you need to take a cup and add 3/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of household bleach.

Add a tablespoon of turmeric to this solution and mix the turmeric with the bleach and water. Now, the turmeric will turn the liquid yellow. This yellow is the same one found in a "real" bleach shirt. There are several other ingredients you can add to a bleach mix.

If you want a more vibrant color, you can add bright food coloring like lemon, yellow, orange, or red. Instead of a mild yellow, you can make the bleach more of a fluorescent color. If you add some food coloring, the turmeric will not change the color much, so you don't have to worry about extra additives in your final bleach mix.

Step 3: Add the Salt

The bleach mixture will break down the color in any natural fibre you bleach. But, if you want to make a bleached t-shirt out of colored fabric, you will need to add salt to your bleach mixture to reset the color. If you make a bleached t-shirt out of untanned leather, you don't need to add salt as the leather is already colored. But if you want to bleach a colored fabric like a shirt you want to make out of towels or colored denim jeans, you will need to add salt. You can add salt to the bleach mix directly or use a sanitizing device like the one below.

Step 4: Stir and Test the Colorant

Once the bleach and salt are mixed, you need to stir it very well, and then you can start testing the color. The colorant should look as bright and vibrant in the final bleach mix as it did when you first added it. If it gets dull or darker, you need to add more colorant.

You can add more colorant until the bleach mixture is no longer yellow but orange and, finally, red. This process is called "bleach out," which will darken the bleached t-shirt. So, it would be best to stir the bleach mixture well, add the salt, and stir again. Next, you need to test the bleach using a paper towel. Rinse the bleach t-shirt after the bleach-out process is complete to keep the bleach from staining your floor or sink.

Step 5: Dry and Press

After the bleach out, you will have a bleached t-shirt with a bright, vibrant color. Next, you need to dry and press it to make it soft and wrinkle-free. The best way to dry a bleached t-shirt is to hang it upside down from a heavy object like a door knob or a hook in the ceiling.

Tips to Follow When Making a Bleach T-Shirt

  • When making a bleached shirt, use the bleach only on natural fabrics like towels, cotton, or polyester. Raw materials cannot be bleached with chlorine, and you don't want to use chlorine on other types of fabrics.

  • You can mix a bleach mister to make it easier to spray bleach solution on a large surface at once.

  • Make sure that the bleach is well mixed, and you must add salt to the bleach mix.

  • Avoid over-washing your clothes with chlorine, as it can cause damage to your clothes.

  • Wash your clothes in cold water and use cold water when rinsing your clothes.

  • Don’t use bleach directly on cotton.

  • Use cold water when washing colored clothes.

  • Dry your clothes using a machine or a natural dryer.

  • Wrap your clothes in a way that lets them dry entirely.

  • Don’t leave clothes in a bleach mixture that is not dry.

  • Avoid bleach splatter when spraying bleach on a large surface.


Bleaching your clothes is an easy process that can help you create a bright and colorful t-shirt that you can wear on any occasion. If you want to make your bleach shirt without any external help, you need a couple of bleach bottles and some salt only. You can also use several other items to make your bleach shirts, such as paper towels, colored fabric scraps, and even old towels. You can make your bleach shirt as basic or as designed as you like, and the possibilities are endless. The best part is that you can take your bleach with you whenever you want.

Updated on: 02-May-2023


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