How to Fold a Shirt?

You know you're supposed to fold clothes before you put them in your dresser drawers, but what about t-shirts? Did you know that there are a few different ways to fold tshirts? Find out which one is the best and easiest way to do it!

Method 1: The Quick Fold

Here we have discussed about method 1 or how to do the quick fold.

Place Your shirt perfectly first

Place the shirt, so the front faces down on a level surface.

Find some room on a table, your bed, or any other location that will offer you lots of room to move about. Lay the shirt flat and turn it inside out so the front faces you. If your shirt, like many T-shirts, has a picture, you should ensure that the image is facing down while wearing it. Even if your shirts do not have any graphics on them, you should still fold them in the same manner so that they all have the same overall appearance.

Make the fabric wrinkle free

The creases in the cloth may be removed by smoothing out the fabric. To prevent the sleeves from bunching up over the cloth, you should pull them out. Additionally, pull on the shirt's neck and hem to stretch them out and ensure that the shirt lays as flat on the surface you're folding it on. If there are any creases on the shirt, you should iron it before folding it.

Any creases that were already present in the shirt will become much more pronounced while it is being stored. Taking care of them now can save you time and headaches when you need to quickly retrieve anything from storage.

Tuck the sleeves

To tuck the sleeves into the armholes of the shirt −

  • Fold it lengthwise into thirds.

  • Grasp the hem and shoulder of the shirt, and work on one side at a time, moving from side to side.

  • After folding the shirt half over itself, place the sleeve on top of it and let it rest.

It should be flattened out till it is. After that, fold the other side in the same manner. Before creating this Fold in the short sleeve, you need not do anything to the sleeves. It is sufficient to place the sleeves on top of the body of the garment. As you complete folding the shirt, they will automatically be tucked away tidily within it!

Fold the longer sleeves again

If the sleeves do not drape nicely over the cloth, fold them back into the shirt's body. If you are trying to fold a shirt with sleeves that are a bit longer than usual, lay out each sleeve before beginning the folding process. After you have folded the shirt inside out, you should stretch the sleeve out so it is centered across the middle of the garment. After that, bring the sleeve to the front of your body and fold it backward, tugging it down so it sits on top of the shirt.

When folded in this manner, the sleeves create triangles that may be worn comfortably over the top of the shirt. You won't be able to fold the remainder of the shirt up nicely if they protrude a little bit from the folds.

The first Fold

Fold the shirt in half, starting at the bottom and working your way up. It should be much simpler to fold the remaining portion of the shirt than to fold the sleeves. Simply pull the bottom of the shirt up to expose the button. Keep a firm grip on it with both hands, then draw it to the collar.

After you have completed the Fold, the shirt should resemble a long rectangle with the hem located at the top of the rectangle. It is imperative that the sleeves remain tucked within the cloth at all times.

Fold it again

To get the shirt to accommodate, you will need to repeatedly fold it in half. Take hold of the newly formed bottom edge that the preceding Fold has generated, and pull it back up again. When you have finished folding the shirt in half, you will have a little square of cloth that is simple to put away in a drawer or a container. If there is an image on your shirt, it will be brought back to the top of the shirt once you complete this last Fold.

Shirts that have been folded in this manner may be stored by standing them vertically inside a drawer or container, much like files. In this manner, you may readily choose what you want by just flipping through them, perusing the designs, and selecting the appropriate option.

Method 2: Folding Dress Shirts

It is a little different method. Let know how to do it.

Step 1: Place the shirt first

Place a shirt on a level surface and fold the bottom hem of the shirt once upwards. Fold each side toward the center of the rectangle.

Step 2: Roll it to accommodate

After one more Fold to form a rectangle, roll the paper up. Tuck everything in by working your way around the shirt and pulling the bottom hem up.

Method 3: The Japanese Fold

The Japanese Quick Fold method is a great way to fold a shirt quickly and efficiently. This method can be used for both long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts.

Lay the front towards you & Fold the sleeves

To start, lay the shirt flat with its front shirt facing up towards you. Then, fold the sleeves towards the center of the shirt so they are touching.

Fold the bottom & Flip towards you

Fold the bottom approximately two-thirds of the way to the top of the shirt. Flip the shirt and let the back face up towards you. Fold the sides towards centre. Finally, bring the sides towards the center to touch each other in the middle.

The result should be a neatly folded shirt that takes up minimal space.

Updated on: 02-May-2023


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