How to know whether your training is effective or not?

The first day of employment for any employee: be a fresher, experienced person, or managerial, will always start off with a training session. The day-long training completes with numerous amount of information, but does so much effort made by the Organization is worth the money invested in the training sessions. We all agree that training is the key to a well-motivated, knowledgeable, and efficient staff.

Here we are going to discuss the top reasons on why the training sessions do not help your employees, and why this whole expenditure on training is not fruitful. We will check out the conditions because of which the training has become a norm in the Organizations instead of fulfilling the purpose.

What Training Sessions Do

A training session can never be fruitful only because of the trainer. You can get the best and most knowledgeable trainer but unless the trainees are not responding, the sessions can never be effective. However, before we discuss further, here are a few good points in favor of training:

  • Training Strengthens the employee confidence which is then noticed by the customers due to good performance and better service which will bring more business and money for the Organization.

  • Training Can Identify the weak areas due to which the revenue is “left on the table” and not captured. It also helps in training the staff in the identified areas which can help the Organization to capture more customers.

  • A Well-Trained staff allows management to focus on other aspects of the business. A training session can help your Organization in capturing new markets with the help of newly acquired skills.


A training department or a training session is only fruitful if there is any outcome coming from it. The focus these days is to pull out a list of training dates embedded on a monthly calendar, which does more to justify the training manager’s position than changing the behavior of the employees.