How to keep lizards away from your house?

Lizards are uninvited guests that pester many households by just residing there. Even though these lizards do eat mosquitoes and other pests and they help keep our house pest free, their presence isn’t very appreciated as it’s a very creepy creature and can get people anxious.

The sizes of these lizards can vary from 3inches to over half a foot. Let us discuss some ways in which lizards can be driven out of our houses.


This is one of the most commonly used remedies in order to drive out lizards. Placing egg shells in random corners of your house like in the hinges of the windows and doors will make the lizards go away.

The reason behind this is that the lizards will think that there is already an organism that is present in this premise that will make it feel unsafe and leave.

Coffee powder

Combining the usage of coffee powder along with tobacco proves to be dangerous to the lizards and very threatening.

Coffee powder and tobacco should be mixed together thoroughly and then balls should be made out of these and placed in the corner of the house. When the lizards eat these balls then they will either die or will just move away from the crib.


Known for its powerful odor, this is a very strong remedy to get rid of lizards in your house.

You can use garlic in two different ways where can just hang the garlic cloves all around your house and this can prevent the lizards from entering or else another option is just to spray the garlic juice in lizard prone areas. Since lizards hate the smell of garlic they will eventually move away.


Another remedy that is used because of its powerful odor, the Sulphur compounds present in the onions are the ones responsible for the pungent smell that the lizards can’t bear.

Hang some onions around the house in the hinges between the door and windows. Another option that you can use is spraying onion juice in the areas where lizards are commonly seen.

Naphthalene balls

This is the most used prevention measure against the lizards. These balls are generally placed in all the corners of the houses, under the stove, sinks and other entrances to the house.

Mothballs are also used in the place of naphthalene balls. These are preferred most commonly over all other precautions as they smell nice and they also do the job of driving out the lizards and prevent them from entering the house.

Cold water

This is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of the lizards. you should make sure that the water is very cold and when you see a lizard you spray the water on it.

The cold water will make the lizard freeze for a while which allows you time to throw the lizard out.