How to give an uneducated person more awareness about android phones?

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When I bought my new phone, I thought of handing over my old phone, which is also an android one to my grandma who is completely unaware of this new technology but enjoys watching old movie songs on YouTube. As I know that she has got a meager education and cannot understand all the stuff, I made her remember a few things.

I have been with her for two days, in which I could give her some good idea of using the Android phone.

  • Firstly, I made her understand the precautions to be taken while using a touch phone. Like, placing it far from water, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, not to touch the screen unnecessarily and regarding charging the phone etc. to make her get acquainted with the phone.

  • Next, I made her use the keys such as volume up-down, switching On/Off, receiving a call and placing a call etc. with the help of symbols displayed. Then I made a mock drill kind of activity for her to make and pick calls using the two phones we have.

  • Then, I explained the use of “Ok Google” with patience so that she can get the videos or songs she needed without typing in the letters. But I am sure she needs more practice on this.

  • As she is good at recognizing symbols, I have noted down some of them on a paper for her to refer. Then, explained some easy ways for watching YouTube videos by referring history of watched etc. Of course, she is smart enough to recognize the initial letters of her favorite videos.

If she is really sharp enough to get along with these by the time I meet her next, I want to help her using Google maps soon.

Though we might not be able to help them to get the most use of the device, we can make them have a good time using it for the minimum needs. Of course, with patience, love, and persistence, everything is possible. Hope this answer helps you.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24