How to find your Current Wifi Password and Secure it?

Do you see your devices connected to your Wifi-network, but presently are you are facing problem recollecting your Wifi password, which you have previously used and connected all your devices with your Wifi network.

The reason as to why you may have forgotten your Wifi password is, you would have clicked on the box, which states remember the password. This helps you escape the pain of entering your password every time when you login to your device. Days would have passed and you might not remember what password you have kept for your Wifi-Network. Another reason, as to why many people do not know their Wifi password is because their network administrator would have entered it directly without revealing the password to them.

The need for Wifi password arises, when you wish to connect your new device using your existing network or some guests pop-in and express their wish to use your Wifi-network.

In the above two scenarios, if you do not remember your password, then you might feel irritated as you might be unable to recollect the password of your Wifi-network.

To Know Your Wifi Password Follow These Steps

Examine your Router’s Default Password

All Modern Wifi routers or the combined router/modem provided by the numerous internet providers usually have default Wifi network password and name. The passwords are not only unique but they are often random having mix of numbers and characters. In case if your router is still using the default password and username, then it easy to find. You simply need to examine your Wifi-router and you will find a sticker on it, which consists both “SSID-the wireless network name and the password. If you have not changed your default password, then you can use this password and get connected to your Wifi-Network.

After getting connected to your Wifi-Network using the default password, remember to change your password and store the password in your password manager and make your Wifi-Network secure.

Windows 10 − Get Your Password

  • First step − Go to start and then select setting > Network and Internet.
  • Second step − Select the network you wish to connect to and then select connect.
  • Third step − In the task bar, select the search box, then enter view network connect and in search results, click on view network connections.
  • Fourth step − In Network connections, right click the network name and then select status>wireless properties.
  • Fifth step −Select the security tab and then select show characters
    You will find the password for the wireless network been displayed in the network security key field.

Windows 8.1 − Get your Password

  • First step −If you are using the mouse, point it to the lower right corner of the screen and move the mouse pointer up and select setting and incase if you are not using mouse, from the right edge of the screen, swipe in and select setting.
  • Second step − You need to select the network icon for the network you wish to connect to and then select connect.
  • Third step − Then, from the right edge of the screen, swipe in and select search.
  • Fourth step −Enter view network connections, in the network connection and in the search results, select view network connections.
  • Fifth step − In the network connections window, right-click the network name and select status.
  • Sixth step −Then select wireless properties button.
  • Seventh step − Select the security tab and select the show characters check box.
  • Eighth step −You will find password for wireless network is displayed in the network security key field.

Windows 7 − Get your Password

  • First step −In the lower-right corner of the taskbar, click on the wireless network icon.
  • Second step − Then you need to right click on your wireless network name and select properties.
  • Third step −Select the show characters to view the wireless network password.

Getting Wifi Password for Mac OS X

To store the configuration details of the Wifi Network, your Mac uses Keychain. We can use the BSD command “security” to find anything stored in the keychain, including the Wi-Fi password.

Open Spotlight (cmd and then space) and then type terminal to open the terminal window. At the command line, then enter the below command.

Security find-generic password-wa (your Wifi name)

Your Wifi name then enter your MAC username as well as password to access the OS keychain and you will find, Your Wi-fi network password is displayed on the screen in plain text.

Getting Wifi Password in Android

The Android device must have free app ES File explorer installed on it. To recover your Wifi password, follow these simple steps.

  • First step − Open ES file explorer. In the menu, go to local and then tap on select device. You will find ES file Explorer, asking super user permission, click and give permission.
  • Second step − Open the folder named data and then check for folder misc
  • Third step −Now open the folder “Wifi” and you will spot a file named wpa_supplicant.conf
  • Fourth step − Then open it as text and check for your Wifi name (SSID) and you will find your lost Wifi password.

So, by following these simple steps you can easily get your Wifi password of network and get connected to your new devices and oblige for your guest request to use your Wifi network by providing them Wifi password.

Few Tips to Increase your Wifi Security

Encrypt with WPA2 − if your home networking user, then you should turn on encryption and select WPA2 as WEP is not secure and there are other methods, but they may too complex for home users.

Do not turn WPS (Wifi Protected Setup). Its 9 digit Pin is vulnerable for guessing attempts and it does not work consistently.

If the attacker figures out your Pin number of WPS, then nobody can stop him/her sharing data that is stored in your wireless network.

Change Default Password

Many router’s have default password and for enhancing security it is better to change the default password and have a random or unique password.

Clear the List of SSID Names

Most vendors usually use generic names for SSID’s like netgear-wireless or Linksys, change them to something very unique. Also remember having a different SSID name and password makes it harder to hackers to guess and break in. On regular basis check who all are connected to your Wifi.

We find the management software generally does have a section as “Device list”; it displays the computer name of each and every device connected to the wireless network. You can also enable Mac address filtering, this will prevent unknown devices from getting connected to your Wifi network.

Your router has numerous advanced features like “guest networking” which you should turn off and a firewall which you must turn on.

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