How to find the sum of all elements of a given matrix using Numpy?

In this program, we will add all the terms of a numpy matrix using the sum() function in the numpy library. We will first create a random numpy matrix and then, we will obtain the sum of all the elements.


Step 1: Import numpy.
Step 2: Create a random m×n matrix using the random() function.
Step 3: Obtain the sum of all the elements in the matrix using the sum() function.

Example Code

import numpy as np

matrix = np.random.rand(3,3)
print("The numpy matrix is: \n",matrix)
print("\nThe sum of the matrix is: ", np.sum(matrix))


The numpy matrix is:
[[0.66411969 0.43672579 0.48448593]
 [0.76110384 0.35869136 0.51509622]
 [0.22408857 0.17984855 0.33566272]]

The sum of the matrix is:  3.9598226605128524

Updated on: 16-Mar-2021

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