How to find the locked local user accounts using PowerShell?

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To get the locked user accounts on the local or the remote machines using PowerShell, we can use the wmi method.

PS C:\> gwmi win32_useraccount | where{$_.Lockout -eq $true}

You can also use the CIM instance method alternatively.

PS C:\> Get-CimInstance Win32_Useraccount | where{$_.Lockout -eq $true}

To get the locked local user accounts on the remote computer, you can use the -ComputerName parameter in the WMI class or the CIM instance. For example,

PS C:\> gwmi win32_useraccount -ComputerName TestMachine1, TestMachine2 | where{$_.Lockout -eq $true}
Updated on 17-May-2021 12:48:43