How to extend and implement at the same time in Kotlin?

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In this article, we will take an example to demonstrate how we can extend and implement in the same class. In this example,

  • We will be creating an interface and a dummy Parent class.

  • From the Child class, we will extend the Parent class and implement the interface.

Example – Extending and implementing in child

interface myInterface {
   fun test(): String

open class myParentClass(val name:String) {
   fun anotherTest():String {
      return name

class Child() : myInterface, myParentClass("ParentClass Input"){
   //child extending the parent class and implementing myInterface
   override fun test(): String {
      return "This is implemented interface: myInterface"

fun main(args : Array<String>) {
   println("Reply from parent entity: "+myParentClass("hello parent").anotherTest())


Once you execute the code, it will produce the following output −

This is implemented interface: myInterface
Reply from parent entity: hello parent
Updated on 01-Mar-2022 10:51:36