How to Build an Emotional Connection?

What Is an Emotional Connection?

Emotional connection or emotional intimacy is a perception of closeness to another person that allows sharing of personal feelings, understanding, affirmation, and demonstration of caring. It is an ability to feel close to a person and cared for another person to share your earned thoughts and gives a feeling to be at ease. This concept of emotional connection can be applied to many types of relationships and is not just restricted to romantic relationships and can totally work with familial relationships also.

A human primary urge is to feel comfortable, an instinct that needs immediate action. And this, when not followed, makes us stand out in a crowd like a left alone. Care is something all humans need and want. It is one such emotion that can create a strong attraction and bonding. There are many ways which use this emotion to create deep attraction.

What Are the Signs of Emotional Connection?

Emotional connection is a key ingredient that makes our surrounding bond most meaningful and intimate. This connection is gradual, stable, and intimate and is more lasting than a mere physical attraction. A few of the signs of emotional connection include −

  • Feeling understood by them.

  • Love spending long hours talking to them.

  • Admire their qualities.

  • Your values are in sync.

  • Caring about their opinion due to trust.

  • Turn to them for their advice.

  • Can be vulnerable with them.

How to Create an Emotional Connection with Someone?

You being the most curious, interested, and always the one who asks questions in a relationship is a great way to build an emotional connection.

Are you a good listener or just hearing what they say?

Is it just a blabber or is it matter?

Checking these questions and knowing whether the person matters or not, is when we start building that bridge brick by brick creating an emotional connection.

Establishing an Emotional Intimacy with Partner for A Healthy Relationship

Some of the tips to create emotional intimacy with your partner include −

Validate What Your Partner Says − Do not negate and criticize what the partner says as this may shut off the feeling to share anything with each other. Hence this is counterproductive in building an emotional connection. Also, this doesn’t mean that we have to agree to everything but need to create a balance and make sure to let them know when you agree with them or at least make them understand when you don’t.

Laughing at Their Jokes − Complimenting the partner or at least acknowledging by saying a few words when they joke around will definitely ease the tension and makes them connected.

Compliment Your Partner − Do the things that we usually don’t think to say out loud or always be in a position of thinking about how can we vocalize what we usually like about our partner at that moment.

Be Open to Receive Compliments − Some people feel uncomfortable receiving compliments as it makes them feel weird which negates the feeling to express for the partner.

Encourage Your Partner − Encourage the partner’s dreams where they know you do believe in their ability to achieve their dreams. Always speak life to your partner.

Challenge Your Partner Kindly − When your partner is too high in order to ground them, challenge them kindly. Make sure to clear them that you are challenging them because you care about them realizing their dreams and core potential. Check whether it is a healthy relationship with your partner if they don’t want feedback from your end.

Love Them in Their Love Language − Always think about what your partner truly thinks or wants. If your partner loves words of appreciation, always give a reason for loving them which makes their mood uplifted and energized. This makes a positive impact on your relationship.

Share Your Secrets and Insecurities − Some individuals have had bad experiences in their past creating a wall and if this information is not shared with their partner it is definitely counterproductive to emotional intimacy. The more things you keep away from your partner the less potential you will have to keep a genuine connection with your partner.

Acknowledge and Explore Frustrations − Don’t waste days and weeks by not telling your partner what is bothering you. Get a better understanding as what bothers you is always a non-factor to your partner. It is important to evaluate why is something bothering you.

Externalize Problems as Separate from Your Partner and Relationship − You have to effectively join with your partner as a teammate and tackle the enemy.

Express Gratitude and Appreciation Often − Appreciating your partner for the little things they did makes them want to do more for you which establishes an emotional connection between you both. Always highlight the things they do for you rather than nagging for the things they didn’t.

How True Is This Statement About Your Relationship?

The below statements help you to evaluate how you are feeling being treated by your partner and check if you are also contributing to emotional intimacy with your partner.

  • This person accepts me completely as I am.

  • I can openly share my deepest thoughts, secrets, and feelings with this person.

  • This person cares deeply for me.

  • This person would be willing to help me in any way when I am in need.

  • My thoughts and feelings are affirmed by this person.


Building an emotional connection does not mean that we just do everything as the person wants. Emotional connection is built from integrity and also time. Escalating when you are supposed to and pacing yourself when you get to know your partner is a way to build a connection. Pacing ourselves is always our best friend. Miscommunications are always how a relationship ends. It is actually true! Emotional intimacy is always a cornerstone in many relationships like friendship, love, etc. Many concrete ways are there to build connection and trust in both professional and personal relationships.

Updated on: 24-Feb-2023


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