How to Apply Makeup?

Getting ready to go out for a party, or dinner, or just getting prepared for a casual hangout, putting on that lipstick topped off with a slight lip gloss, and finishing off with a lightly shimmering highlight, feels like a must. According to reports, makeup was first worn in Ancient Egypt and was perceived as a sign of wealth and prosperity. Fast-forward 7000 years, people of every race use makeup all over the world. Its influence worldwide in the 20th century has substantially impacted all age groups.

Makeup is now seen as a gender-neutral accessory, worn for various purposes, including enhancing one's skin, hiding little imperfections, or simply looking more confident and happy about one's appearance. Makeup is mainly worn by women of other age groups ranging from 14 to 55 years old. However, women tend to have different purposes for applying that eyeshadow or mascara; some decide to wear it casually and habitually, whereas some women tend to wear makeup for certain special and particular occasions.

Makeup is a cosmetic that requires proper precision and accuracy to look exquisite, as one must say. With the evolution of cosmetics, makeup has likewise changed over the years. Now we have what is called different 'makeup looks.

So here are all the makeup tips from basics to professional. Simply put, a makeup look needs to be appropriately created, which requires one to know the types of necessary products and their usage. Let's begin with creating a basic and neutral makeup to give you a general idea.

Step 1: Cleaning Up

Begin by washing your face properly and applying a layer of your daily moisturizer, along with your favorite sunscreen. People follow different steps for creating their makeup look. But we would advise you to start by putting on what is called the base of the makeup.

Here the base layer is the foundation applied all over the face, including the neck. It is a liquid (although it does come in different consistencies nowadays) that is applied on your face and neck to even out your skin tone or cover flaws and is sometimes used to even change your natural skin color. It is generally applied with a brush or a beauty blender.

Step 2: Application of Concealer

After applying a foundation, preferably close to your skin tone, we move to concealer. A concealer has a similar consistency as a foundation. However, it is used in the shade lighter than one's skin tone. It's primarily used under the eyes to even out the color. Or it is applied over any blemishes on the face (for example, acne scars or redness). Concealers are vital to one's makeup routine and never be skipped during the process.

Step 3: Apply Face Powder

Setting your base makeup is the most essential portion of a routine. We use various face powders to do so. Nowadays, it is sometimes replaced by translucent powder. Though the work of face powder is relatively minimal, it is still a process that is not to be missed.

Step 4: Shading

Now that we are all set with the base, we begin by applying the infamous blush. It is primarily added over the checks.

Stretching towards our outer cheekbones and giving us that vibrant and colorful look. But it is not the end. We then accompany it by applying a highlight complimenting one's skin tone. This is significant and is generally applied over the blush towards our cheekbones and sometimes over the nose to shape the nose to one desired look. It is also used at the corners of the eyes to give them that shiny and shimmering look.

Some optional steps include contouring your face and nose. This is mainly used for sculpting and enhancing a few areas of your face. It is used on both sides of the nose bridge with a brush to sculpt the nose and make it look more dimensional. In conclusion, it creates a shadow and a light effect on your face.

Step 5: Eye Makeup

It is frequently deemed a complex and tricky step. If you are new to makeup, a simple neutral look is enough to make you look put together. So, begin with some neutral eyeshadow shades and gently apply them over your eyelids. Make sure to be precise with your motion, as one wrong move can lead to an unwanted disaster.

Follow it up with the eyeliner. One can use various colors for eyeliner based on their outfit or overall aesthetic. Top it off with light mascara and maybe some Kamal. And voila, your eye look is complete.

Step 6: Lip Makeup

Now for the most familiar part of the makeup... the lip. For decades, applying lipstick has always been the most significant part of a woman's makeup. For any makeup look to come together, lipstick is a must. So, bold lipstick should be your go-to for making yourself look more confident. Or, if you want to create a subtle lip look, a neutral lipstick with some lip gloss on top should do the job.

One can also use a lip liner before the prominent lipstick. This helps to create a border around the lips and helps increase the longevity of the lipstick. Lip gloss is instead considered optional.


Let's conclude this tutorial with a few important points that you should note while applying makeup −

  • Always remember to have a vision before creating a makeup look. It is mainly suggested to go for a nude eye look and pair it with a bold lip. Or you can go for a rather subtle and neutral lipstick with a shiny and shimmering eye look.

  • After your makeup is complete, one can use a setting spray to lock all the makeup products in and make it far more long-lasting.

  • Make sure to use the right brushes for their significant purposes. It is recommended to invest in a full brush set.

  • Another essential tip is to use makeup products that fit your skin type. People tend to have allergies to different ingredients, so perform a swap test on some rather exotic products.

  • It is equally important to remove your makeup the correct way, to not cause any damage to your pores, and one way of doing so is by using micellar water. It is preferred to use micellar water over makeup wipes.

  • You can also start including a brow pencil to shape your brows with the eye look to make them more defined.

  • Practice well if you are very new to makeup and always use authentic makeup products. Also, try to wear appropriate makeup as per different occasions.

Now that you have come a little closer to understanding more about makeup, please enjoy creating new looks and have fun with it.

Updated on: 24-Nov-2022


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