How to Apply Makeup on Hooded Eyes?

Applying makeup can be difficult if you have hooded eyes because the additional skin on the eyelid can make you look drooping or exhausted. But it is possible to draw attention to the eyes and give them a bright, elevated appearance by using the appropriate methods and materials. In this post, we'll offer guidance on how to apply makeup to hooded eyes, including suggestions on the best tools to use, how to apply makeup, and which colours to use so that you seem attractive and young.

Step by Step Instruction on How to Do Makeup on Hooded Eyes

We can all agree that a few touches of glitter or matte eyeshadow completely transform a look, which is why so many people rely on multiple palettes and, in today's day and age, stones and studs. But, the eye makeup for hooded eyes takes a slight detour, and this is what the eyeshadow section comprises.

For Eyeshadow

Following are the steps that one needs to follow −

Step 1 − Before selecting that makeup palette, prime your lids. What effect does this have? It ensures that all of your efforts won't fold and crumble and makes a clean, flat surface on which to apply powder. Of course, everyone knows how frustrating it is to have their makeup smudge on their upper eyelid. To avoid this, start by dabbing a tiny bit of primer on each eyelid, wait a few seconds, and then apply foundation and concealer. Your eyelids will now be uniform in colour, making you ready for all the dramatic eyeshadow.

Step 2 − After finishing, pick a matte shade from your eyeshadow palette, dab it on your eyelid's lower portion just above your eye, and then move on to step 3. Additionally, don't be afraid about wearing multiple shades as long as you combine them well. As an alternative, if you're wearing makeup to cover hooded eyes, don't be afraid to highlight the middle of your eyelid! Your eyes will look bigger and more appealing as a result.

Step 3 − After that, apply a sparkly highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes (you've probably seen this trend creep into your Instagram feeds!) And if you enjoy shimmer, don't forget to use some just below your brow's arch. You'll witness the magic happen when the flash occurs.

Step 4 − This is more of a tip than a step. Make sure your eyes are completely open and at ease while you apply eye makeup for hooded eyes so you can see exactly how it will turn out.

Step 5 − Use some makeup setting spray as the final garnish to seal the look in place and stop it from smearing.

For Eyeliner

The cat eye and using eyeliner past the lash line when you have hooded eyes are two things you may have heard once, twice, or maybe a hundred times before. And yes, your eyes will appear smaller if you use this eye makeup technique for hooded eyes. So, hold off on your sudden worry since there is a fix for everything. So, use the instructions below to wear that winged eyeliner you've been putting off.

Step 1 − Prime your lids to produce a smooth canvas because without the ideal basis, no eye makeup for hooded eyes can ever appear flawless.

Step 2 − With a pencil eyeliner, draw a line around the eye that extends from the outside corner to the inside. If you're unsure of which eyeliner pencil to use for hooded eyes, we recommend the unequalled and highly pigmented kajal, which will enable your eyes to speak for themselves. Make sure the kohl stroke is darker on the outer corner and lighter as you move inward to create the best effect.

Step 3 − After a little period of time, let the product dry, and then use your fluffy brush to mix and soften the line you just drew. Mix it toward the brow bone and outer corner of the eyes, moving upward and outward. Keep the line's outer edge in place because it helps to define your crease.

Step 4 − With a waterproof eyeliner, create a diagonal line that extends just past the lash line from the inner corner of the eye. Then, draw a line that crosses the diagonal line and rises up from your lower lash line.

Step 5 − To complete the look, apply a few coats of waterproof mascara.

For Eyebrow

The perfect brow shape can make all the difference between girls who get it and girls who don't. Don't fill in your brows too heavily to avoid giving your hooded eyes a worn appearance. A thin brow will open up the eye area and provide the appearance of space. So, bear this in mind when using your imagination to create your hooded eye makeup.

Step 1 − Get your brows shaped by a professional; they will know just how to make them look good with your eye shape. Avoid making your brows too thick or bushy if you do it yourself at home.

Step 2 − With a brow pencil, lightly trace the form of your brows as they naturally are. Use an eyebrow pencil at the bottom of your brows and make soft, feathery strokes to give yourself those extra brows like a dream. Using the same delicate strokes, fill in sparse brows. Get a hold of a spoolie and finish off this final step of eye makeup for hooded eyes by delicately combing each brow for a natural appearance.

Step 3 − Apply concealer over and beneath your brows, followed by highlighter, to further define their contour. This will aid in illuminating the area beneath the brow arch for eyes that appear brighter and add a charming touch to your eye makeup for hooded eyes.


Although applying makeup to hooded eyes might be difficult, with the appropriate methods, you can achieve a pleasing and lifted look. If hooded eyes are prone to smearing and creasing, choose makeup items that are long-lasting and transfer-resistant to achieve this. Use light eye shadow or highlighter to the inner corner of the eye and avoid using heavy eyeliner or black eyeshadow on the eyelid.

Instead, choose a more delicate and natural approach, emphasizing the outer corner of the eye to produce a lifted and defined appearance. Last but not least, to achieve a precise and glossy finish, always completely blend your makeup and use a little brush. You may create a lovely and attractive makeup look that accentuates your hooded eyes and draws attention to your natural beauty by using the advice and recommendations above.

Updated on: 18-Apr-2023


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