How to add collaborators to a repository in GitHub?

Even if you have a public repository in GitHub, not everyone has the permission to push code into your repository. Other users have a read-only access and cannot modify the repository. In order to allow other individuals to make changes to your repository, you need to invite them to collaborate to the project.

The following steps should be performed to invite other team members to collaborate with your repository.

Step 1 − Click on the Settings tab in the right corner of the GitHub page.

Step 2 − Go to Manage Access option under the Settings tab. On the Manage Access page, you will see an Invite collaborator link as shown in the below diagram

Step 3 − You can Invite collaborators by any of the following options −

  • Username
  • Full name
  • Email

After you send the invite, the collaborator receives an email invitation. The collaborator has to accept it in order to get permission to collaborate on the same project.

The Manage Access option also allows a repository owner to view the invitations that are pending and not accepted.