How Much Do Digital Marketing Professionals Earn?

Our daily activities, such as banking, including how we acquire information and connect with one another, are now entirely conducted online. Given that the majority of people on the planet use the internet, it should come as no surprise that there is an increasing need for highly qualified digital marketers. See the Pay Guide for Digital Marketers if you need further convincing.

On the other hand, not everyone uses the internet equally worldwide. Internet World Data, for instance, shows that 94% of North Americans and only 43% of Africans access the internet daily.

This rate of internet use can have a big impact on where digital marketers and recent marketing graduates' abilities are most needed globally. Digital marketers must concentrate their efforts on the appropriate demographic and the appropriate service or product because their line of work depends on relationships.

The Average Digital Marketing Salary for Professionals

Similar to any other career, the following variables affect how much digital marketers are paid −

Which digital marketing channel offers the best compensation?

There are "generalists" and "specialists" in digital marketing, just like in medicine. The generalists dabble in all of the below-listed digital marketing channels if not all of them. Only one or possibly two are chosen by the experts (if they are interrelated). Inside the channels, there is room for lateral movement as well. As an example, you can transition from working as a content marketer to managing social media while still demonstrating relevant skills.

Job title

Average Salary

Display marketing


Video marketing


Affiliate marketing


Influencer marketing


Email marketing


Content marketing




Social media


Paid Search


Different Job Titles and Salaries in Digital Marketing

Compared to established sectors, the field of digital marketing is young and continually changing. As a result, there are no rigorous rules for this industry's job titles or associated digital marketing compensation packages. The roles are more flexible, and they are also controlled by dynamic Key Performance Indicators, Goals, and Key Outcomes.

Job title

Average Salary

Online relationship manager


User experience specialist


Social listener


Social media coordinator


Social media manager


Campaign manager


Performance marketer


Product strategist




Content strategist


Content manager


Content writer


Seo consultant


Growth manager


Responsibilities Specific to Digital Marketing

Some of these positions seem obvious. A social media manager, for instance, typically looks after the brand's social media accounts and advertises material on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. However, several of the roles listed here have responsibilities that cut over functional lines and demand more explanation.

A Manager or Growth Hacker

To drive growth across all organic channels, this individual contributor job is in charge. To reach their goals, they collaborate with SEO, content, and search engine marketing (SEM).

Content Strategist

Someone who can engage with many channels to organize the creation of a brand content calendar that is practical for all parties should fill this function. The organization should experiment with several types of content buckets, according to the content strategist who makes the suggestion.

Marketer of Brands

Creating an online brand narrative is the responsibility of the person in this position. Although branding can be combined with this job, content is where it really belongs.

The Social Listener

The social perception of a brand or business is monitored by the individual in this position.

Relationship Management

This individual or team of individuals responds to grievances, discussions, or complimentary comments about a business posted online.

How Experience Affects Pay in Digital Marketing?

We are faced with difficulty as we go from channels and positions to years of experience for digital marketers. First off, more years of expertise do not always equate to greater compensation because this is a relatively new and dynamic sector. Second, because their specialized abilities are more important, certain individual contributors in this profession are paid far more than "managers." Finally, the roles, channels, and experience are factors that interact to define the compensation packages for professionals in digital marketing.

Writer, Analyst, and Associate

Role − In any of the marketing channels, these phrases are typically used to represent entry-level positions. They may also be specialized positions like content writers or generalist positions like associates in digital marketing.

Years of Experience  Between zero and three

Salary on average  $48,916

Specialist/ Consultant

Role  Those with some experience who primarily work freelance are referred to by this word. They might also be experts in that field.

Experience Years  Five to Eight

$62,098 on average each year

Admin, Lead, or Head

Role  One who oversees a certain function or vertical inside the digital marketing division is referred to by these names.

Experience Years  10+ years

Salary on average  $123,899

Associate Director/Director

Role  These names are used to identify someone who oversees a collection of business operations for the digital marketing industry. Director of Organic Channels, as an example.

Experience Years  15+ years

Salary on average  $180,045

In-charge of Marketing

Role  The entire marketing vertical is under this person's control. This function frequently encompasses both digital and non-digital channels, although, in the digital era, the distinction between these two markets is gradually eroding.

Experience  15 or more years

Depending on the size of the firm, the average salary

Digital Marketing Earning Potential in India

In India, the average annual compensation for a Search Engine Optimization Expert with under a year of experience is 193,864 rupees. A Search Engine Optimization Specialist in India makes an average salary of 278,284 rupees with less than four years of experience. An average salary of 484,414 is expected in India for Search Engine Optimization Experts with 5 to 9 years of experience.

An entry-level PPC Analyst in India who has less than a year of experience can expect to earn an annual income of roughly 3 lakhs. In India, a PPC Analyst with more than two years of experience can anticipate earning an annual salary of $4–$5 lakh.

Web developers with less than one year of experience may anticipate an entry-level digital marketing salary of 290,518, while those with more than one to four years of expertise can expect to make 339,336 per year in India. A mid-career web developer receives an average annual total compensation of $585,795 according to Payscale's research.

An entry-level social media marketing specialist may expect to make an average of 4.2 LPA. In India, workers with 5 to 9 years of experience may anticipate earning an average of 11.1 lakhs annually.


The pay for a digital marketer might differ greatly depending on experience, skill level, location, and sector. The typical digital marketer's income in the United States is between $70,000 and $80,000 per year, according to several sources of pay information. Top-performing digital marketers, on the other hand, might make considerably more with their specific knowledge and experience. Freelance digital marketers can also set their own pricing, which can differ greatly based on their experience and standing in the field. Ultimately, digital marketing is a lucrative industry with lots of room for expansion and improvement.

Updated on: 27-Mar-2023


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