How does the operating system function from a system point of view?

Operating systems allow user application applications to interact with the system hardware. The operating system itself does not provide any functionality but provides a situation where various programs and systems can perform useful functions.

It is software which handles the computer's functionality like scheduling, input/output operation resource allocation, files system manipulation, etc and also acts as an interface between the User and hardware.

System views can be improved using a new GUI and adding new features to the OS which will result in a better user experience.

The operating system is observed from the user point of view or system point of view.

Let us discuss how the operating system is observed from a system point of view.

System views

According to the computer program, the operating system is a bridge between applications and hardware. It is very close to the hardware and is used to control it as needed.

The different types of app views can be described as follows −

  • The system views the application you are using as a resource app. There are many resources such as CPU time, memory space, file storage space, I / O devices etc are required for the processes. It is the job of the operating system to distribute these resources intelligently in processes so that the computer system can work as smoothly as possible.

  • The app can also serve as a control system. It handles all processes and I / O devices so that the computer system works smoothly and there are no errors. It ensures that I / O devices work properly without creating problems.

  • Apps can also be viewed as a way to make using Hardware easier.

  • Computers are needed to easily solve user problems. However, it is not easy to work directly with computer hardware. Therefore, operating systems are designed to easily communicate with hardware.

  • The application can also be considered as a regular application after the computer program (known as the kernel) and hosting all application programs.