How does the operating system function from the user point of view?

An operating system allows the user application programs to interact with the system hardware. Operating systems provide an atmosphere where different applications and programs can do useful work, but it does not provide any function by itself.

The operating system is observed from the user point of view or system point of view.

Let us discuss how an operating system is observed from a user point of view.

User View

The user view depends on the system interface. The different types of user view experiences are explained as follows −

  • Suppose if the user is using a personal computer, the operating system is designed to make the interaction easy. It pays little attention to the performance of the system, but there is no need to worry about resource utilization by the operating system, because the personal computer uses all the resources available and there is no sharing.

  • If the user is using a system that is connected to a mainframe or a minicomputer, the operating system is largely concerned with resource utilization, because the multiple terminals connected to the mainframe and the operating system makes sure that all the resources like CPU, memory, I/O devices etc. are divided uniformly between them.

  • If the user is sitting on a workstation which is connected to other workstations with the help of networks, then the operating system needs to focus on both individual usage of resources and sharing though the network, because the workstation exclusively uses its own resources, but it also needs to share files etc. with other workstations across the network.

  • If the user is using a handheld computer such as a mobile, then the operating system handles the usability of the device including a few remote operations. The battery level of the device is also considered.

  • There are some devices that contain very less or no user views because there is no interaction with the users. Examples are embedded computers in home devices, automobiles etc.

Updated on: 25-Nov-2021

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