How can I spend my old age without becoming a burden to anyone?

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Human life is a set of different phases from birth to death. Old age is the phase where it is common that we get dependent on someone. With illness, fatigue and common weakness because of approaching old age, it might be a burden on our caretakers.

It is better to have plans for everything. First of all, have some marbles for you to be financially independent. Plan for your old age as well. There are old age communities which let you work there along with being there, which would provide both; expression of your inner self and earnings for you. As well, one can provide better advice to the younger generation in their niche of expertise. This can also be a great source of income.

Spending Some Quality Time

Now that we have discussed having some extra bucks with you, let’s see how you can have some quality time. Generally, most of the senior citizens spend their time before the idiot boxes. Why become a couch potato, when you can do something better?

  • Try penning down your areas of interest or your areas of expertise so that it can teach something the generation to come.

  • Plan a nice trip to a place you have never been before and make new friends.

  • Keep a habit of a daily walk in the evening and meet a group of friends.

  • Try to renew some of your old hobbies.

  • Try to learn something new, which you haven’t done in the past.

Old age is such a relaxing phase of your life where you can share many ideas and thoughts with your loved ones as you are a filled jar with lots of emotions, experiences, and memories. One can really spend a great time without being a burden on others in many possible ways.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24