H2O - Flow

In the last lesson, you learned to create H2O based ML models using command line interface. H2O Flow fulfils the same purpose, but with a web-based interface.

In the following lessons, I will show you how to start H2O Flow and to run a sample application.

Starting H2O Flow

The H2O installation that you downloaded earlier contains the h2o.jar file. To start H2O Flow, first run this jar from the command prompt −

$ java -jar h2o.jar

When the jar runs successfully, you will get the following message on the console −

Open H2O Flow in your web browser:

Now, open the browser of your choice and type the above URL. You would see the H2O web-based desktop as shown here −

Starting H2O Flow

This is basically a notebook similar to Colab or Jupyter. I will show you how to load and run a sample application in this notebook while explaining the various features in Flow. Click on the view example Flows link on the above screen to see the list of provided examples.

I will describe the Airlines delay Flow example from the sample.

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