Gas A, which is the major cause of global warming, combines with hydrogen oxide B in nature in the presence of an environmental factor C and a green material D to form a six carbon organic compound E and a gas F. The gas F is necessary for breathing.(a) What is gas A?(b) What is the common name of B?(c) What do you think could be C?(d) What is material D? Where is it found?(e) Name the organic compound E.(f) What is gas F? Name the natural process during which it is released.

a) Gas A is Carbon dioxide (CO2) which is the raw material for photosynthesis.

b) The common name of B is Water (H2O).

c) The environmental factor C is Sunlight, which helps in photosynthesis.

d) The green material D is Chlorophyll found in green leaves of plants.

e) Organic compound is Glucose (C6H12O6).

f) Gas F is Oxygen and the process during which it is released is called Photosynthesis.
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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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