Four cars A, B, C, and D are moving on a leveled road. Their distance versus time graphs is shown in the figure. Choose the correct statement

$(a)$. Car A is faster than car D.
$(b)$. Car B is the slowest.
$(c)$. Car D is faster than car C.
$(d)$. Car C is the slowest."

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In the same time interval $(t_2-t_1)$, Distances covered by cars A, B, C and D are $S_A,\ S_B,\ S_C$ and $S_D$.

And in the above graph, it is clear that $S_B

So, Car C is moving fastest and car B is moving slowest.

From the given graph we can conclude that car B is the slowest.

So, option $(b)$. is correct.

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