Food & Beverage Services - Use Of Linen


The linen at any food and beverage service outlet is either disposable or non-disposable.

Disposable Linen

Disposable Linen

This includes items that can be used only once. These items are made of recycled paper with high absorbing capacity. For example, table napkins, restroom tissues, wrappers, and facial tissues. Facial tissues soaked in Cologne water are given to the guests. It is considered a good welcome gesture. Disposable table linen is usually offered to guests in trains or aircrafts before meals.

Non-Disposable Linen

The items in this category are made from flax. This includes table cover, dinner napkins, tea napkins, and table runners. Non-disposable linen must be clean and pleasantly scented. It must be starched if required.

Non Disposable Linen

Non-Disposable linen must be placed on the table tidily. The staff can fold them and arrange them in decorative shapes or just put them through decorative linen rings to catch guests’ eyes and start imparting warm experience to them at the table.

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