Explain the stages and their examples of database development lifecycle (DBMS)?

Let’s see the stages of database system life cycle (DDLC) and their facts using tabular form −

Stage of Database system development LifecycleExample of FactsExample of Documentation Produced
Database PlanningAims and objectives of database projects.Mission statements and objectives.
System IdentificationDescription of major user views (Job roles, business application areas).Definition of scope and boundary of database system, definition of user views to be supported.
Requirements Collection and AnalysisRequirements of user views, system specifications, including performance and security requirements.User requirement specification, system specification.
Database designUser’s responses to checking the logical database design, functionality provided by target DBMS.Logical database design, data dictionary, physical database design.
Application DesignUsers’ response to checking interface design.Application design.
DBMS SelectionFunctionality provided by target DBMS.DBMS evaluation
PrototypingUser response to prototype.Modified user requirement specification and system specification.
ImplementationFunctionality provided by target DBMS.
Data conversion and loadingFormat of current data, data import capability of target DBMS.
TestingTest Results.Testing strategies used,
Operational maintenancePerformance testing results, new or changing user and system requirements.User manual, analysis of performance results, modified users requirements and system specification.

Updated on: 06-Jul-2021


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