Do gold ornaments serve any other purpose other than being symbols of wealth and vanity?

The usage of Gold has been there for a long time in the society that nearly 175,000 tons of gold have been mined since the beginning of civilization. Of all the metals available, women have a much intense attachment towards Gold. Of all the world’s current gold consumption, India imports one-quarter of the global supply. In Indian weddings, it is the quantity of gold jewelry worn by a bride that stands as a symbol of the opulence of the bride’s family.

Anything Else?

  • Buying Gold is mostly considered as an act of investment. Gold jewelry can serve the dual purpose of being ornamental and a financial asset. Gold loans are often taken to serve the emergency financial needs.

  • Along with adding some financial value, Gold brings a sense of security and satisfaction to the family. Possession of gold or gold ornaments is believed to bring good luck.

  • Gold also offers an emotional attachment throughout the family hierarchy as the traditional gold jewelry is often passed on to the next generations as a carrier of ancestral memories and identity.

  • Gifting gold ornaments passes on the blessings of affluence and speaks of the generosity and affection of the person gifting it.

  • In the case of prodigal and spend-thrift persons, buying gold ornaments offers a better investment plan than spending on fancy and expensive cars, shoes, watches, bags etc. which has little resale value when compared to Gold.