Do Beauty and brains go together?

I don’t believe that beautiful girls are not intelligent. A girl’s beauty has to do a lot with genes and climate of the place they are born and brought up in, not with brains. However, many of us have come across girls who are beautiful, but not intelligent. But, it’s not because God wants to be fair to every girl, and therefore equally distributes their share of gift: Beauty to some, and Intelligence to others.

A scientific study has proved that girls who are beautiful are not much worried about financial security since they know they are beautiful and it’s very easy for them to seek a well-to-do man.

On the other hand, the girls who are not beautiful try their best to do good in academics and make a career of their own rather than relying on some man to take care of them for entire life.

Girls who are not beautiful also fear that no wealthy man will show interest in them, which becomes a kind of motivation for them to find their own niche as far as financial security is concerned. As a result, they become ambitious and turn out to be more intelligent than girls who are beautiful and less worried about their future.

I don’t see any reason that why can’t somebody be intelligent just because of their looks. It’s just that what a person, regardless of their look, decides to be. Most beautiful girls don’t have that extra motivation to get involved in intellectual activities and they like to spend most of their time making themselves even more attractive.

So, beautiful girls limit their knowledge mostly to makeup kits, couture, latest fashion trends, music, and movies. On the contrary, girls who are not blessed with beauty spend their time in constructive and productive activities, and they later reap the fruits of their choices by getting the most coveted jobs or positions or even becoming entrepreneurs. Which in turn makes the world feel that girls who are not beautiful are more intelligent.

Dr. Victoria Zdrok is a good example to show that beautiful girls are not always dumb. Victoria became very popular after featuring in the adult magazine Playboy. But prior to that, she accomplished a good academic career. She was so good at academics that she was allowed to skip her high school and jump straight on to college.

She was only 18 when she was awarded a Bachelor's degree in summa cum laude from the West Chester University in Pennsylvania. Not only this, she also obtained JD law degree and a Ph.D. in psychology from the Villanova Law School and the Drexel University.

Natalie Portman, who featured in Star Wars, The Professional, and Garden State, is another beautiful woman who is highly considered to be “beauty with brains”. She scored a GPA of 4.0 when graduated from high school and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Harvard University.