Digital Security: Overview, Types, and Applications


Important aspects of life like communication, study, work, business, and administration are quickly shifting online. Not a day passes when the average person does not use online services like emails, web browsing in search of information, social media activities, and uploading and downloading files. Job selection considers very important and studies the candidates' websites and social media accounts. Cybercriminal investigation starts online.

The urgent need for online protection

In such a scenario, identity and data must be protected against hacking and misuse. Digital security is meant for the protection of various resources like applications, valuable information, and personal details. Not only is data connected with offices at risk, but personal email addresses and bank account numbers, passwords, and user ids could be misused. Money can be stolen, and secret information accessed that is a threat to national security. A few people hack for fun, private enmity, or character assassination.

Basic security types

Considering the several billion internet users globally, isn't it a robust protection task? Web browsing services do provide some security along with antivirus software. Secured personal devices, SIM cards, biometrics, and file encryption services are other instances of digital protection.

General Cyber Security

While digital security is the essence of cyber security, it has a more extensive and comprehensive significance. Cyber Security protects the entire network infrastructure, like the body, while digital security could be compared to the organs. Widespread illegal access to user accounts to steal money is called cybercrime. Cyber security guards against such evil and is only sometimes successful. Cybercrime is rising relatively fast despite all the security measures. Compared to the individual's worry regarding protecting sensitive personal information, Cyber Security guards complete computer systems, networks, and digital components. Essentially, unlawful access is controlled through several measures like user authentication. If illegal access succeeds, data is stolen or changed. To be more thoroughly convinced, 2019 reports indicate about seven million data breaches daily. Cyber fraud increased by 20 percent in the first three months of 2020.

Which digital data attracts fraud?

Only some of the data is important, just like many images and videos are meaningless but exchanged by a million daily! Fraudsters target information that will help them make a profit, usually money or property. Offering cars at low prices attracts buyers, and the fraudsters escape with the money with no car delivered. Pay great attention to financial security like credit card numbers and personal identities, like DOB and address.

Online banking information

Online banking account numbers and PINs are exposed to risk, just like credit and debit card numbers. If these are accessed, cyber criminals can easily withdraw money online or from ATMs. They can transfer funds and go shopping too.

User health data

The targeted information includes medical history, diseases suffered, prescription drugs are taken, and health insurance policies. Doctors and hospitals are also connected. Such information enables fraudsters to file fake insurance claims and order and resell costly prescription drugs.

Identity details

Even basic information like social security numbers like Aadhar cards, phone numbers, email accounts, and IP addresses can be misused. Physical addresses and office networks are revealed through the information. Fake accounts could be created with such information, and misuse follows.

Some important protection programs

Remote monitoring is one of the incredible gifts of the global internet. Sitting in Asia, it is possible to digitally know the status of home security and CCTVs in faraway Europe. Collecting data and analysis, delivering solutions, and job supervision is possible remotely, but the software will be required. Hardware and servers, software, and applications can all be checked. Problem-solving is thus likely anywhere at any time.

Scan vulnerability

Identification of problem areas and loopholes in the network systems would be possible. The vulnerability scanner can find, analyze and repair such weaknesses. Actions are suggested, and the company adopts urgent measures accordingly. Such an approach applies to both private networks and web-based applications.

Antivirus programs and firewalls

Malware and viruses from infected systems invade digital services and can upset or stop functions. Data is affected. Capable antivirus software can help by keeping viruses and malware out and isolating them. The program can find and clean up such viruses but requires constant updating because of new viruses arising. Similarly, updated firewalls allow access to authorized users and keep out illegal access. Firewalls aid in the task of protection against viruses too. While antivirus and firewalls are many years old, some do not accept their effectiveness.

Proxy settings

A part of the authentication system that can detect illegal users, proxies works like a filter. The company decides who valid users can access and who cannot. The risky websites are also stopped. Otherwise, sensitive information may be revealed and fall into the wrong hands.

Tools that ensure enhanced security

Staying alert online and being very careful about what information is entered and where is the top priority. Avoiding unknown phone numbers and links, strange websites, and fraudulent emails are some decisive actions. Revealing personal details, whether identity, address and email id, banking data, and health and vehicle insurance policies, require great care. Surrounded by unending fakes like the movies, take strict measures to guard privacy.

Telephone call encryption

Along with text, images, and videos, phone calls are the most common communication feature. The numbers are indeed staggering each day! The signal is a program created by Guardian Project and works on every phone. Signal encrypts voice and video communications. SilentPhone is another encryption program that guards telephone conversations and works on iOS and Android systems.

Instant text encryption

Cyph encrypts text meant for urgent delivery. ChatSecure is another program that works equally well on iOS and Android systems.

Anonymous browsing online

Navigating the internet and not revealing the location and identity can be achieved through the free Tor software. AnonymoX also performs similar obscurity in internet navigation and works as an add-on to Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.


Like living with traffic risks out on the road, the online world must fight wars 24/7. If effective prevention is achieved, starting with safeguarding personal details, it is half the battle won. Companies have their security departments that work as research teams. Cybersecurity is an important career option, too, because of the increasing number of hackers and ransomware. Digital systems are interrupted, and that results in significant business loss. Prevention is a wise policy.

Updated on: 12-Dec-2022


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