Difference between WAP and the Internet

The Internet and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) are wireless communication and information access technologies. WAP is a technology created especially for movable electronics like cell phones and PDAs. It enables these devices to connect to the Internet and give information in a streamlined layout that's easy to read and use on a small screen.

Wireless Markup Language (WML), as opposed to the HTML used on standard sites, is the markup language used for WAP pages, which are specifically designed for mobile devices.

As we know, the internet gives access to a wide range of services and information which include sites, ecommerce shopping, technology learning, games, listening music, etc., On the other hand, the wireless application protocol is a network of computers which can be accessed by a various device like PCs, laptops, tablets, and the mobile phones.

Read this article to find out more about WAP and Internet and how they are different from each other.

What is WAP?

WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol. WAP is created to give devices like smartphones and laptops the ability to access the internet and to show the data in a structure or format that is suitable for small screen devices or gadgets.

The Wireless Application Protocol can connect to the internet through the GSM, GPRS, and CDMA wireless communication protocols. Users can access a range of information and services once they are connected, including dispatch, news, and sports updates, as well as financial and shopping data.

One of the main characteristics of WAP is the operation of WML (Wireless Markup Language), a streamlined language that is meant to be simple to read and use on a small screen.

WAP offers several security features to guard customers and their data, similar to encryption and authentication technologies to guarantee the security of data transferred through radio waves.

WAP is a technology that has greatly contributed to the development of more sophisticated mobile technologies and has made the Internet accessible to millions of people worldwide.

What is Internet?

Internet is a huge global network that gives customers access to a huge volume of data and services, such as websites, dispatch, online stores, and multimedia material like music, flicks, and games.

Computers which are links to the network can function as either clients or servers, under the client-server architecture which supports the Internet. Servers are specialized computers used to store and serve information to clients. Clients, like desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices, can request information from servers. This design enables the effective and scalable transmission of data and services to a sizable user base.

The Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP and IP) are a set of communication protocols that control how data can be delivered and entered over a network, it is one of the primary technologies of the Internet. The World Wide Web (WWW), a network of linked hypertext that can be accessed by a browser, it is another significant piece of technology. As one of the most popular Internet operations, the WWW has revolutionized how individualities share and access the information.

The open and decentralized aspect of the Internet, which allows anybody to connect to the network and access information from anywhere in the globe, is another specific of the Internet. A broad and active online community that allows people to interact, and work together has grown as a result of this.

Difference between WAP and Internet

The following table highlights the major differences between WAP and Internet −





It is a wireless connection

It is not the wireless connection, but it uses the fibre optic cables


It uses the mini browsers like opera mini

It uses the large browsers like the Google Chrome, Internet Explorer


No need to change the settings whiles using the WAP

Required to change the settings each and every time whenever you change the locations


It can be accessed from any locations

It can be accessed from a location which has an internet connection

Service Providers

WAP services are provided by the companies which is supported by the operation of those handheld devices

Internet services are provided by the Internet Service Providers


Some of the protocols of Wireless Application Protocol are WSP, WTP, WDP etc.,

Some of the protocols of Internet are HTTP, TCP-IP, and HTTPS

Language of Architecture

It is made using the script of WML

It is built using the JavaScript


In a nutshell, the Internet and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) are two separate technologies with different uses. The Internet is a massive computer network that gives customers access to a wide variety of data and services, including websites, dispatch, online stores, and multimedia material.

WAP is a wireless communication protocols like GSM, CDMA, and GPRS and employs a different language called WML (Wireless Markup Language) than the HTML used on typical sites. The World Wide Web(WWW) and the Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/ IP) are used by the Internet.

WAP has been mainly replaced in recent times by more sophisticated technologies like 3G and 4G, which offer new features, while the Internet has continued to develop and grow, connecting a number of people and laptops, computers etc., worldwide.