What is the difference between Internet, Intranet and Extranet?

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Let us begin by learning about the internet.


The Internet is the biggest network that connects millions of computers worldwide. It is a team of a network including public, private, government, universities, school, and other academic and business networks linked by several technologies including wireless, optical, and electronic.

Internet usage is the calculation (defined in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes) of the amount of data streaming through your computer and the Internet network for a specific time. These data are shared in both directions such as from the Internet network to your device (download), and from your device to the Internet network (upload).

Internet is known as network as it makes a network by linking computers and servers across the world using routers, switches and telephone lines, and other communication devices and channels. Therefore, it can be treated a global network of physical cables such as including copper telephone wires, fiber optic cables, tv cables, etc. Moreover, even wireless connections like 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi create use of these cables to access the web.


An intranet is a private network that provides employees in an organization the ability to create data, manage documents, share calendars, and to-do lists. It generally runs in a client/server environment in a local area network. In Intranet, each computer is linked via the LAN and has something referred to as a MAC address. It is a number that enables us to identify the area where the computer is placed.

An intranet is a restricted network that supports employees sharing their work-related data and connecting inside the organization. It works strictly within a closed network. It doesn't enable access to anyone from outside its network area.

Intranet uses corporate web servers which are only applicable to employees of the organization using this ease for particular business communication and services. An intranet may or may not be linked to the internet. If it is linked to the internet, then its security measures should be very powerful to avoid unauthorized access to the network.


The extranet is an element of an intranet. It is also categorized in the “private network” type. It is controlled and handled by an organization, to offer secure access to the intranet of the external world. Some companies required their business partners and users to connect to the Intranet to develop communication and efficiency. Because the intranet only enables internal members to access, external members (partners and users) use the Extranet to access the network.

An extranet provides a variety of requirements. Huge volumes of data can be transferred between parties via extranet software, for instance, thus promoting simple collaboration.

These collaboration tools are specifically beneficial for companies that require brainstorming or communicate frequently with clients and customers. It stores hours in comparison to email and telephone. Extranet software also manage and fixes hidden errors or problems that can occur with a company’s products or services nearly like inherent quality control.

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