Difference between GPRS and WAP

GPRS and WAP are two particular innovations utilized in portable communication. While both GPRS and WAP are utilized for mobile web access, they serve different functions. GPRS gives the fundamental information benefit for versatile web get to, whereas WAP on the other hand is a protocol used to access web content optimized for mobile devices. This article will further examine the contrasts between GPRS and WAP in terms of functionality, information exchange, data type, utilization, and protocol.

What is WAP?

Wireless Application Protocol, or WAP, could be a convention outlined for versatile gadgets to get to internet services and substance. It was presented within the late 1990s as a way to empower portable gadgets to get to web substance, and it rapidly got to be well known among portable clients.

WAP is based on a set of guidelines and details that characterize how portable gadgets can get to web substances over remote systems. It is outlined to optimize web substance for portable gadgets with little screens, constrained preparation control, and moderate information associations.

One of the key highlights of WAP is its capacity to interpret web substance into an organization that's optimized for versatile gadgets. WAP employments/employs a markup dialect called WML (Wireless Markup Dialect) to make pages that are optimized for versatile gadgets. WML could be a lightweight markup language that's outlined to work with little screens and restricted handling control.

WAP too uses a convention called WTLS (Wireless Transport Layer Security) to supply secure communication between versatile gadgets and servers. WTLS is based on SSL (Secure Attachments Layer) and is planned to supply secure communication over remote systems.

WAP is broadly utilized for getting to a wide extent of internet services and substance, counting news, climate, mail, and other online administrations. It has moreover been used for portable managing an account and other budgetary administrations.

In any case, WAP has a few impediments compared to more current versatile web innovations. WAP pages can be moderate to stack, and the client encounter can be restricted compared to full web pages. WAP too has restricted bolster for mixed media substance, and it has been to a great extent supplanted by more current advances such as HTML5 and responsive web plans, which offer more progressed highlights and way better client encounters on versatile gadgets.

What is GPRS?

It is an advancement of the prior GSM (Worldwide Framework for Versatile Communications) innovation and is still utilized in a few ranges where more progressed versatile information systems are not accessible.

GPRS permits the transmission of information in little parcels, which makes it perfect for applications that require more transfer speed but visit information transmissions, such as versatile web browsing, e-mail, and remote monitoring. GPRS is an always-on benefit, which suggests that information can be transmitted and gotten ceaselessly, without the thought to build up an association each time information is sent.

GPRS works by partitioning the accessible transfer speed of a cellular network into little parcels of information, which are at that point transmitted over the organize. Each parcel is directed to its goal utilizing the foremost proficient way, which makes a difference to optimize arrange execution and diminishing inactivity.

GPRS has been to a great extent supplanted by more up-to-date versatile information innovations, such as 3G, 4G, and 5G, which offer quicker information exchange speeds and more progressed highlights. Be as it may, GPRS is still utilized in a few regions where more progressed versatile information systems are not accessible, or where the fetching of overhauling to a more up-to-date innovation is restrictive.

Differences between WAP and GPRS

The differences are in the following table −

Basis of Difference




GPRS is an information benefit given by cellular systems that permits portable gadgets to transmit and get information.

Whereas WAP is a convention utilized to get to web substance and administrations from versatile gadgets.

Data Transfer

GPRS offers speedier information exchange rates compared to conventional circuit-switched information administrations.

Whereas WAP is outlined to optimize web substance for little screens, constrained preparing control, and moderate information associations.


GPRS is utilized for versatile web get-to-mail, mixed media informing, and other data-intensive applications.

Whereas WAP is utilized for getting to web-based administrations such as news, climate, and e-mail.


GPRS employments/employs packet-switching innovation to exchange information.

Whereas WAP employments/employs HTTP and HTTPS for web substance get.


In conclusion, GPRS and WAP are two distinctive innovations utilized in versatile communication. GPRS and WAP are utilized for portable web get to, they serve different functions. In any case, both advances have been generally supplanted by more up-to-date innovations such as 4G, 5G, HTML5, and responsive web plans, which offer more progressed highlights and way better client encounters on portable gadgets.

Updated on: 17-May-2023


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